Sichuan friends to the provincial Party Secretary and governor of the message was returned to isobuster

Sichuan friends to the provincial Party Secretary and governor   message reply; a total of 11 people, Dongming — local leaders — the resume of   |  message to the Sichuan provincial Party Secretary Yin Li comrades resume   |    message to the governor of Sichuan province; Beijing in August 25 Xinhua recently, Sichuan Province for 11 messages to users provincial Party Secretary and governor of the reply, message selected as follows: [] the first Internet message, North mall Xindu District Management Committee, for the sale of commercial housing contract has not been the case, asked me to find developers, the results useless. The second channel model on Xindu Xindu District for help, the ball back north mall management committee, after the meeting promised for the record, no commitment results! Third Chengdu city mayor mailbox for help, Chengdu received the ball kicked to kick to the Xindu Xindu, CMC, CMC and kick to developers! This time I ask for help in a timely manner for my record, I hope the regulatory authorities to take the initiative to investigate, ordered the record, rather than told me to take the contract everywhere. Answer: friends, hello! For your comments reflect the problems, Xindu District government g that instructed the relevant departments to understand the specific circumstances reply as follows: the investigation, investment and construction of your comments reflect the Jinhua Fortune Plaza project by Sichuan Jinhua business investment limited, construction land area of 55 mu, total construction area of about 220 thousand square meters, a total investment of about 800 million yuan. According to the original plan of the project will be put into operation by the end of 2015, due to funding problems after the completion of the main project, the project failed to shut down, according to the contract time submitted, companies will not pay the owners extension submitted liquidated damages, part of the sale of housing to the Housing Department for the record. To this end, Chengdu City North Mall Management Committee for the coordination of Sichuan Wuyuan Investment Co. Ltd. in August 12, 2016 on behalf of the owners of organizational communication and coordination, the meeting by the Sichuan Wuzhou Investment Limited company chairman on behalf of the owners of major projects for the extension submitted liquidated damages payment and did not record the housing problem for consultation. On the issue of housing for the record, the main reason is that the company due to financial problems, the housing mortgage in the bank, leading to the record. At present, Sichuan Wuzhou Investment Co. Ltd. is actively seeking partners, for the return of funds, pay close attention to the construction and filing work. Thank you for your message, we have to contact you to inform you of the situation. The comments shown, if you have any comments and suggestions, please contact the North District Management Committee (Tel: 028-83026256).   [] netizens Jianyang’s new airport construction, the country is a major event, the local people have considerable support, but the local farmers’ trees or bamboo by local criminals and threatened to prohibit monopoly price, acquisition and use of illegal means outside manufacturers stop outside manufacturers purchase, the local farmers only helplessly look at their hard years of planting trees in the ultra low price sale to the unscrupulous businessmen. Please urge relevant departments investigating, thank you! Answer: Friends: hello! Your message to the Secretary of the Sichuan provincial Party committee has been received相关的主题文章: