Shenzhen media standard deep Ford offered huge mass selling

Shenzhen media standard deep Ford offered huge mass sales there will be good news. How could not help but tell you: Shenzhen Shenzhen, Changan Ford deep to the media in Shenzhen standard deep special flagship store launched large-scale group exhibition and sale, preferential prices, prizes, and sponsorship of the Shenzhen media mysterious gift you……, deep deep mark Ford Ford flagship store in October 15th will be held at 14:00 PM, welcome customers to visit the tasting. Will participate in the activities of the new Ford models are: maverick, Taurus, the new Mondeo, Fawkes, Foris, Rui and explorer of, you are not wrong! It’s them. They’re all going to take part in the event! Heart bar! Then take action quickly! Love the new maverick darling friends, we must seize this opportunity! Everyone has a cross-country! Have a professional grade SUV-: on October 15th (Saturday) Shenzhen deep! Don’t miss to regret! Subject: special vehicles, Ford deep low down payment to 30%, 2 years interest free financial policies, vehicles and so on special offer gifts! Financial services – an ID card, a driver’s license, one hour audit, easy and quick, life without worries. Insurance Services – one-stop processing, the new car more peace of mind! After sales service – exclusive VIP reception, afternoon tea time easy to get! The car is at your service! Only for you, see you on Saturday! Time: October 15th Venue: Shenzhen 14:00 Nanshan District Shennan Road Shenzhen City Hall – deep Ford No. 10168 Jia ridisen building (next to the Nanshan Public Security Bureau) three party joint activities gift activities before October 15th 168 yuan prepaid group will sell most price = + media gift (oil card) + gift manufacturers (free maintenance) + delivery the media mysterious gift book ceremony: month day car customers, Shenzhen media yuan oil card so you get! The car manufacturers: July car customers, vendors to provide millions of dollars worth of maintenance package           the standard Ford deep car gift: 15 July car customers in the car, you can receive a mystery gift delivery. Company name: Shenzhen city standard deep auto sale Limited company sales service hotline: 0755-23903333 customer service hotline: 0755-86329333 24 hours rescue hotline: 13728855566 company address: Shenzhen Nanshan District Shennan Road Shenzhen city deep Ford Hall – 10168 Jia Jiahao business building (next to the Nanshan Public Security Bureau) official WeChat: Shenzhen Ford 4S shop deep [szbs_ford]相关的主题文章: