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Shenzhen city dam light Luotian Tangtou langtian four new toll station today started – Shenzhen channel — original title: dam light Luotian Tangtou langtian four new toll station today started a reporter from the Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Commission news, a new dam light four toll stations will be held today to start the construction, the old station expected removal before the end of next year. Salt, salt, Nanko, dam row dragon senior expressway has been on February 7th of this year, the abolition of fees. For the needs of the province’s highway network closed management and fees, the current toll station of the four highway is still taking the stop card, the station received the card, the corresponding cost reduction mode. Before the demolition of the old station, the toll free highway and toll road between the new toll station. According to reports, the construction of four toll stations, namely Yanba high-speed end point mainline toll station dam light toll station, long – end point mainline toll station of Luotian toll station, Nanguang Expressway and Jihe connected Tangtou ramp toll station, long – and machine load speed connected langtian ramp toll station. Salt row high speed and high-speed machine connected to the list of ramp toll station due to the impact of high-speed water officials are still charging, the program is still in the research phase, plans to start construction early next year after the completion of the design. The construction unit said the new light toll station is expected to be completed before the end of June next year, Luotian toll station, Tangtou toll stations, is expected to be completed in September next year, toll stations, toll stations ranked list for completion by the end of next year. The new highway toll station was opened, the company will remove the corresponding free highway toll station and the restoration of old pavement, then the vehicle under salt, salt, dam row, Nanguang Longda expressway will be more smooth. (reporter Xu Xingdong) (commissioning editor Yuan Liyun and Wang Xing)相关的主题文章: