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Two Shanghai airport entry exit peak one day in advance to start the quarantine dogs attack busy season from the National Day holiday, Shanghai’s two largest airport immigration peak has started earlier, quarantine dogs also ushered in the busiest season of work "". To listen to the Shanghai television reported: (morning, the immigration hall, the Pudong Airport Terminal 2 passengers a batch of new influx of serpentine channel of the opening, but it was soon crowded with. Although the hard line, but we are in a good mood. (passenger: leave to go 10 days (passenger ticket cheaper): not to avoid it, did not buy a ticket) yesterday and today, exit from Pudong airport close to 110 thousand people, of which 65 thousand passengers are residents of the mainland, an increase of 1. (Shanghai Airport Inspection Station nine captain Fan Hongxiang: Pudong airport terminal T2 within 1 hours of the light exit reached more than 2 thousand and 200 people, this figure is usually about 1500) similarly, Shanghai passenger numbers, quarantine dogs ushered in the season". (we see the passengers carrying a duck leg and a bag of fish are prohibited entry items) each gains, the kids are very excited. The only named Lee four years old today has become the quarantine dogs Springer Shanghai first only two stars, it can work continuously for half an hour without a ramming paste, seized Japanese cattle and endangered seed and the glorious record, National Day will not rest. (Shanghai airport entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau deputy director Wan Mingwei: every day we intercepted more than and 100 batches of   he felt well, the European ham fine, he put it in the   some with snake also with the rabbit, bird and   National Day dog in the basic   prohibited overtime; inbound goods can sniff out) the airport to remind, during the holidays, and border security is to spend more time than usual, so passengers ahead of the best three hours to arrive at the airport). Hot news: Shanghai real estate registration three real estate affected by the help of Jiamin viaduct north line opened to traffic real aerial property tax (Figure) Shanghai school district housing prices 350 thousand half a month the seller sued Zou Shiming’s Hospital by eruption: Bo Tucao indifferent hands don’t have strong BB the woman was selling eggs on the crook twenty thousand only pay three thousand Shanghai weather forecast: cloudy today afternoon local thunderstorms in the typhoon is expected to turn to Japan相关的主题文章: