Shanghai writing plan to start Wang Anyi do not look at the world’s hubbub is actually simple

Shanghai plans to start writing Wang Anyi: don’t look at the world in fact simple sound Shanghai Beijing tone (Wang Ji) in September 11, "2016 Shanghai writing program in Shanghai in September started, 10 writers in city from Argentina, Poland, Spain, the United States opened for a period of 2 months of life in Shanghai. 11 afternoon, the first exchange will be held in Shanghai Writers Association, the Chinese and foreign writers around the theme of this year’s writing program in the native language to share their experience in the literature of the 5. Argentina poet and novelist Angela · pradell first recalled childhood grandmother in the mother tongue of expressing true feelings, pray in the new language "mother tongue", gives her a deep impression, "Argentina is composed of a multi culture country, four of my grandparents were from different culture. When you don’t speak your mother tongue in a country, you always feel like an outsider. Perhaps it is the hope that she will be more easily accepted by the new culture when she (she is) praying for a new language." Spanish writer Anna · Rubio · van DOS is in the form of literature, to express their native Catalan praise, "when I go to the idea, this work has two dimensions. The first dimension is a person to a new place, ‘lost’ in his native language, lost the ability to express himself in a new language environment, need to overcome the difficulties of this stage. The second dimension is a minority language meaning, such as my native language is Catalan minority language, many will gradually lose their sense of presence, I want to say is that every language has their own value of existence, a kind of cultural heritage." Sponsored by the Shanghai Writers Association, Shanghai writing program since 2008 to accept the application of foreign writers, 7 years have come from more than 30 countries, about 60 foreign writers came to live in Shanghai. This year, the "Shanghai writing plan" will be the theme for the "mother at home", hope from all over the world have different native writers can feel each other’s mother tongue in the charm of Shanghai, in the different language environment in their own mother tongue have different sensitivity. Wang Anyi, a Shanghai writer and author of the writing program, said: "don’t think the world is noisy. In fact, the tone is simple. So, I am very much looking forward to, look forward to hearing your mother tongue reading, mother tongue is pregnant fetal bed literature, in this era of globalization, has become a literary enclave, let a lot of sound in the sky fly in Shanghai." (end)相关的主题文章: