Shanghai men’s volleyball team won 4 straight 3-0 – Li Haiyun Chen Fang Bayi Huanshuai succession

Shanghai men’s volleyball team won 4 straight 3-0 – Li Haiyun Chen Fang Bayi Huanshuai succession sports Sohu in November 13th, 2016-2017 season, the National Volleyball League to fight the fourth round, Shanghai golden age in Luwan stadium home court, in three straight sets 3-0 zero closure 81 surplus crown sports, with 4 wins and 0 negative 12 points to lead the group I, the German Groser Jin. Received 18 points and won the scoring, Dai Qingyao scored 10 points, the main state Huiyong, in Argentina the diagonal Kong Te harvest 5 points is relatively low. According to CCTV guest commentator Chen Gang, 81 Ying crown Sports replaced by Chen Fang Li Haiyun in command of the main succession, looking for you scored 11 points to the savior. Shanghai golden crown 3-0 81 Ying (27-25, 25-13, 25-22 sports group I) the fourth round, Shanghai coach Shen Qiong enabled the main 1 Dai Qingyao and 15 Kong Te (Argentina), No. 13 and No. 5 Chen Longhai font, Zhang Yichen Groze (Germany) – No. 11, No. 9, second Zhan Guojun No. 16 as free people the first Qi; according to CCTV guest commentator Chen Gang, replaced by Chen Fang Bayi volleyball Li Haiyun’s successor in command, the main dispatch No. 7 and No. 8 Zhong Weijun Zhao Yichen, No. 9 and No. 16 Xu Jingtao font, Guo Peng – No. 6 No. 3 second Tang Sichuan Airlines, Mao Tianyi (Guangdong), the 5 Ma Xiaoteng played. The first game, Bayi Guo Peng near the body quickly, Zhong Weijun dunks tug to 4-4, Shanghai anti Groser and thugs opened to 8-6 and 10-8. In Dai Qingyao and Tim Groser have the ball to 13-10 forced Chen Fang to suspend, 81 days pass gross mismatch, and attack Shanghai is also being divided by Shen Qiong 16-15 error return truce. Bayi Guo Peng stopped dead Kong Te in Shanghai, but the net mouth ball mistakes again was opened to 18-21, but by Mao Tianyi blocking and anti reverse short Tang Sichuan Airlines to 23-22, Shanghai Kong Te, Zhang Yichen dunks block to win 27-25. Second, Shanghai Chen Longhai, Zhang Yichen block, Duanpingkuai Groser light crane, Kong Te jump to start leading 6-2, 81 Yichen Zhao was stopped after three and then lost 3 points, then down to 3-11 Sichuan Airlines was stopped for Liu Tingyu. Shanghai Groser stopped dead looking for you to force Chen Fang to request 17-9 pause, then Dai Qingyao hanging light, Groser anti 20-10 to expand the difference. Substitute Feng Bo Groser was 81 thugs, stop the ball two times and Zhan Guojun Groser dunk by Dai Qingyao probe, and Zhao Yichen was stopped dead to 13-25 behind the bureau to 0-2. Third, Shanghai Kong Te jump, Dai Qingyao, but be stopped by thugs gro 3-2 lost 2 points, 81 Xu Jingtao near the body quickly, Tang Qiao playing, Zhong Weijun after the three Chuanhang hanging light expanded to 9-6. It is for the crane, Tang Sichuan Airlines change button near the body quickly, Guo Peng Zhong Weijun hang angle to 13-9, Shanghai, Kong Te Dai Qingyao jump back to play 7-0 17-14 signs of shock wave. Bayi wool ball one or two times, Ma Xiaoteng day combo to 16-20, but Guo Peng blocked even after 3 minutes, Shanghai Groser thugs, Chen Longhai, Mao days a fastball with a 25-22 win over the net. Technical statistics after the game, Shanghai men’s volleyball offensive in 35-33, block 7-4, service)相关的主题文章: