Shanghai Media Chinese soccer game has sowed the seeds of Gao Hongbo with the sword easy

Shanghai Media: Chinese soccer game has planted the seeds of Gao Hongbo’s Zoupian Jian Feng Gao Hongbo to win, to win! The "Xi’an win" ingenious combination of a slogan, eventually vanish like soap bubbles. In the face of known as the weakest team of Syria, the urgent need to grab points of the national foot last night not only failed to win, and even a draw did not keep. 0 to the score of 1, like a slap in the face, many people were slapped. More than the score is desperate, the Chinese team on the field show the chaos, and even can not see the goal of hope. The source of all this, pointing to coach Gao Hongbo. From the players, to the lineup, and then to change the spot, Gao Hongbo is really puzzling many practices. All of the pre buried curse curse, perhaps before the game had been planted. When the issue of the national list released, many people do not understand. Ren hang, Yang Xu, Dewey…… These players have not been able to kick the ball in the club, even one of Gao Hongbo’s love. Ren hang field as the absolute main, the first game in the face of the South Korean team will make several fatal mistakes that led directly to 2 than 3 lose, but still valued. From the recent performance, both ends of any aircraft without the color of the people really can not see when he could have been the main reason to know him this season did not play a few games. Yang Xu in Shandong Luneng has been reduced to only playing in the reserves and long-term dilemma, still not affect him in the country foot, last night behind in the score needed a goal, as was also sent on Jones, the result is almost useless, but there has always been a winner "said the striker Yu Dabao, even could not enter the list of 23 National People’s congress. Dewey happiness in China is also in the bench, Gao Hongbo was bent with him, and the same as the year 30 veteran Zheng Zhi, even if it is even in the national soccer team, Hengda is the mainstay, is the coach’s eye. And when the young, not much experience in the field of goalkeeper Gu Chao committed fatal low-level mistakes, it must be how many people will sigh: if Wang Dalei in the good! See, Gao Hongbo love with "new" love "Zoupian Jian Feng" — you think, I don’t think you; no, I just want to give a chance. Otherwise, how to reflect the level of my coach? If these people can not play well, is that my vision, with people well? Not to illustrate my magic? The game will never match with the town of Zhang Yuning, Gao Lin in the front line of mediocrity, when Hao Junmin, Huang Bowen, Zhang Xizhe midfield no defensive hardness, when used as the left back Yu Hai on the court when the original injury be at a loss what to do, have to leave Jiang Zhipeng at the last minute by the left was sent on when, when the original is high center Yang Xu was again in the ball when the pass…… It is really difficult to understand, Gao Hongbo gourd in what drugs sold. Yeah, Gao Hongbo’s in the fight. If he is successful, he will be put on the magic coach again. He love unusual way to go, but China has embarked on a road of no return "". At present, there is no players on the fight the enemy separately routine, just like a headless flies alone, even the most ordinary fans will doubt: so many days "training", the national team?相关的主题文章: