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Shanghai free trade zone "single window" to boost the visa processing time is shortened to 2 months – the news agency of the new network in Shanghai in September 19, (Miu Lu) "24 foreign teachers in our school are unified into the school time, but at that time the preparatory period of only 4 months, if there is no single window convenient policy, it is hard to say the school can successfully open" in August, Shanghai International Academy of human resources for the new agency, Cao Xingdan 19, the reporter recalled or could not help but sigh. At the end of September this year, the Shanghai free trade zone (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai Free Trade Zone) will run for 3 years. Shanghai FTA has been exploring how to further optimize the international talent service environment, improve service efficiency. Shanghai Free Trade Zone immigration processing center in February 2016 to set up a business visa "single window", human resources and Social Security Bureau, the Bureau of foreign experts, the 3 departments of public security immigration visa business for the "three window", to set up a business permit for foreigners "one window acceptance, be issued" for the new model, the foreigner residence permit, work permit, expert certificate to achieve the "one window, a set of materials, one application, together with the completed". According to the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Free Trade Zone Branch immigration management detachment Wang Ping introduction, "single window" opened before the time spent a total of 52-66 days, about 4 months to complete the formalities will be repeated to Banjie; Act 5 offices, which need to be repeated to human society a total of 5 times, only for a total of more than 14 times (including the office to submit the application and licensing, excluding for material preparation is not complete and submit multiple case). Run back and forth from the three window, a window into a "one-stop" solution, Cao Xingdan has deep experience, before Cao Xingdan in the foreign capital enterprise, do the work of human resources, "at that time to do a card, the same material to many different departments, and every time you go to the reception of the people as to the materials are not the same, it is a big head". With the establishment of a single window, "Cao Xingdan told News Agency reporters," not only greatly shortened the time of the prepared materials, simplified, and all flow together and be able to communicate clearly needed materials, very good consistency, does not appear repeatedly ". It is understood that the "single window" after the opening time only need to spend a total of 27-32 days, about one and a half months, than previously reduced by at least 2 months; only to 2 offices, 4 times and to reduce the back and forth people club bureau. Foreigners certificate single window set up more than half a year, involving 56 companies, involving more than 10 countries, more than 260 foreigners enjoy the service. Shanghai free trade zone for foreign personnel to provide convenience and more than that, according to the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Free Trade Zone Bureau party secretary Yang Lieyi added, in the free trade zone traffic police branch chariotest pipe "one door" rush hall also added to overseas overseas (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) motor vehicle driving license apply for a motor vehicle driving license business window, the window operation since the first half of the year, for the border)相关的主题文章: