SFC support for innovation and entrepreneurship first hit corporate bonds-sorpack

Commission: the first "double" to support innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition: national bonds investment adviser King peek catch demon shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the Commission spokesman Deng Ge said in October 28th to implement the national innovation driven development strategy, promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation, better service supply the side of structural reforms to further enrich the company bonds subject structure, optimize the small and medium-sized enterprise capital formation mechanism, to support technology innovation, innovation and entrepreneurship as I will corporate bonds (hereinafter referred to as "double bonds") pilot, Kunshan Longteng photoelectric Co Ltd, Suzhou depin medical Polytron Technologies Inc non-public offering of two single "hit" the success of corporate bonds the issue, listed on the Shanghai stock exchange. Support the innovation enterprise bond financing, is Chinese commission to implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council to deepen the investment and financing system reform, accelerate the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, vigorously promote the entrepreneurial innovation of mass concrete measures. Play the stock exchange bond market function, and to support the "double" of enterprise financing, the issuance of corporate bonds to enrich the main structure, broaden the financing channels for SMEs, science and technology innovation has important significance to support. To this end, I will in June 2016 set up across departments and units of the "double bond" special group "to promote the co-ordination development double bond pilot". The issue of the "double" of corporate bonds, the "16 dragon 01" coupon rate of 3.88%, the "16 depin debt coupon rate is 8%, two single bonds raising a total of 55 million yuan to raise funds for technological innovation, product development and develop new business market etc.. The "double" corporate bond issuance for the innovation enterprise using the exchange bond market financing, broaden the financing channels, services, public entrepreneurship, innovation ", explored the promotion of financial services in the real economy. Next, I will continue to accelerate the double bonds pilot, perfect the system reform, strengthen the construction of the market system, broaden the financing channels, reduce financing costs, to meet the financing needs of enterprise innovation, to further improve the ability of the bond market services in the real economy. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: