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Seriously ill patients to rescue the police escort spike whistle – Beijing         Guangzhou Traffic Police Department reported yesterday, November 11th at 17:30 PM, Guangzhou police received emergency assistance, a stroke patient from Huizhou was rushed to Guangzhou Zhongshan a hospital for rescue, Guangzhou traffic police to help please. After receiving the report, Guangzhou police immediately contact the families of patients, determine the route of the ambulance, advance along the transport security, for the valuable rescue time for the patients.         cough caused artery rupture         emergency rescue patients Laisui         patients’ family members told reporters, November 11th in the afternoon, he and his father went to the Luofu Mountain to do something, the results did not expect the father of a cough is caused inside nasal artery rupture. "Blood suddenly came out from the mouth spray, Dakoutaikou hematemesis, has appeared hemorrhagic shock." Huizhou local hospital to see the patient situation is not optimistic, it is recommended to rush to the rescue of Guangzhou. At that time, five or six in the evening, the hospital is also helping butt contact, I was anxious not to think of the traffic police for help, then dialed Guangzhou’s 110. Did not expect to see on Guanghui Expressway Guangdong A license plate of the car."         the day begins at 17:30 PM, the weekend evening rush, Guangzhou traffic police department received an emergency call, a stroke of seriously ill patients from Huizhou were rushed to the rescue of Guangzhou. After the alarm, Guangzhou police through several earlier communication and family telephone, in determining the ambulance vehicle, and the specific location of the plate, then the emergency rescue mechanism, planning an ambulance driving route, traffic police dispatched along the way, a way to relay a road guide for the ambulance.         18:10 am, waiting ahead of three high-speed police brigade in the westbound mainline service area of Sha Po connected to an ambulance, and arrange the police in front of the rescue wrecker, to strengthen along the guidance.       18:50 Xu, the ambulance was successfully brought to Whampoa  Avenue, China’s rapid export, Tianhe brigade police have long been waiting, immediately in accordance with the command center and sub control center instructions, along the Whampoa  avenue to continue.         18:55 PM, the ambulance through Zhongshan an overpass; Dongshan police brigade has been advanced along take control measures for the ambulance wrecker.         19 points on the same day, 05 minutes, the ambulance arrived No.1 Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University. According to the family members of the patient revealed that the patient has been completed surgery, but has not yet wake up, fortunately, the hospital in time to save the life."         emergency lane was accounted for        .相关的主题文章: