See the world seven year old practice shifty fear the unmanned (video) g-area meru

See the world: seven year old practice "shifty" fear no one following the original title: Beijing seventy elderly practice "shifty work" fear no following 50 years, Li Liangui has been practicing kung fu folk Wushi Chinese, at the age of 70 he challenged the "shrinking method", "off the bone", to put off the body joint, ligament, meridians, muscles, have made any moving parts, stretching, pulling the hips, bone, stretch tendons, bones off, but also can bring their own weight and considerable weight, its difficulty as can be imagined. Pictured in June 30th, Li Liangui in the park practice shrink work. Kim Kyung-Hoon (from Tencent pictures) Li Liangui is an old man and a little thin, keep long beard, traveled around the world for Kung Fu, was a Arabia United Arab Emirates members of the royal family show, also appeared in the domestic TV screen. But his propaganda was not as successful as he had hoped. Pictured Li Liangui walking down the street, he was going to the park to practice Kung fu. (from Tencent pictures) Li Liangui told reporters: "once I leave the world, this stunt will be lost, will not have other people to practice this skill, this is really a great pity, but also a loss. We take these skills to move forward, to promote it to foreign countries, although the flowers bloom in the wall, but the smell can only smell outside." The picture shows Li Liangui at home to show "shrink bone work", head through the space formed by two hands. There are hundreds of different styles of fighting in the martial arts, in the Bruce Lee series after the movie, Kung Fu in the world popular. "Shiftiness" is considered as a kind of martial arts, called "the use of strength will close overlapping bones". Training is a day sooner or later to open shop cotton pad for uninhabited land, and bent down, cross legged and other soft skill practice, so that the body’s muscles and joints to soft as cotton. According to the analysis, shrink bone work is mainly rely on the flexibility of the joints, the extension of the ligament and the contraction of the muscle layer, does not really make the bone bending contraction. The picture shows Li Liangui in the park "shrink Gong gong". (from Tencent pictures) video recommendation: lost Juexue seventy master shifty leave no successor, decryption function!相关的主题文章: