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See from the gaming EE broke the occupation: business development mature big mouth EE Sama spray people! In October 9th, recently left Secret NP own clan EESama lonely unable a long blog big burst mengliao. The original is very long, with EE puppey’s personal resentment, from various angles and accused the puppey Secret management team to exploit. Bowen released, former Secret player Misery also issued a document echoed EE, said their salaries and bonuses in arrears serious, besieged on all sides puppey so far did not respond. In the puppey to denounce the long article, EE revealed some interesting details. 1, Secret defaults on bonuses and salaries. When the club promised to recruit people do not smoke bonus, there are five digit monthly salary. Into the team after the bonus is pumped into 10%, when there is no monthly pay, see the day. 2, EE into the team, Captain puppey boasted that the club simply can not see Razer and other sponsors, said their sponsorship fee is too low. But Secret finally find sponsors 100TB, NVIDIA and EGB 10 Fen did not give, NVIDIA graphics card promises never seen. 3, in the promotion of EE, Secret had signed a live broadcast with panda TV, sponsorship amount reached $1 million 250 thousand, about $8 million. Have a good partner, said the boat turned over the friendship long world ranked first, won the Shanghai major and TS3 champion, and so a lot of bonuses to get soft DOTA2 clan, had this shady, really eye popping. Panda TV China highlight capital strength in the gaming gaming industry, arrears of wages bonus seems to have It is quite common for. A dozen years ago, gaming development difficult, the club is really can not afford to send wages. After a dozen years of gaming environment has been reborn, unexpected things still owed bonuses and wages can not be eradicated. The operation of the club is the need for cost, from the EE broke the news can be seen, although the results are very good Secret, the three sponsors did not take out of the 10 Fen (this should be the business sector pot). Though the boss is rich in Turkey, but the landlord is not surplus, from the players to draw bonus can be understood. But according to EE, when the team promises not to smoke and pay into the team after not Renzhang, at least it is "no promises", the lack of occupation moral. In the Secret sponsor, sole sponsor of a real money is from China panda TV. They threw $1 million 250 thousand to sign the Secret clan live right. But the most important is that TV Secret is the panda four sponsors only one bill! DOTA2 evergreen Puppey image in this wave rhythm avalanche because Puppey broadcast time at the panda standard (scheduled for three months 90 hours live finally completed only 12 hours, some foreigners choose visible hand really lazy, so good earning opportunities are not catch), this contract lasted only a quarter of the void, but Secret still got a full live fee quarter)相关的主题文章: