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UnCategorized Thinking about those pristine lakes in Richmond, Australia, where the trout run freely, and experienced and trusted fishing guides teach you no-fail tips and centuries-old fishing secrets? …or, for the kids, the "Zoodoo Park, where alpacas, bison, camels, llamas and miniature horses roam? Empty pockets right now? Why not visit Richmond, Virginia while you’re waiting. There you can feel the presence of Patrick Henry’s famous words, "Give me liberty or give me death," at St. John’s Church. Also, as the former capitol of the confederate states, Richmond is home to many museums and battlefields, including The Museum of the Confederacy, which once serve as the White House of the Confederacy. Richmond’s neoclassical Union Station is a popular spot for visitors because of its beautiful architecture. It was designed by Beaux-Arts-trained John Russell Pope in 1919 and houses the Science Museum of Virginia. For mystery buffs, Edgar Allen Poe wrote some of his works while he lived in the area, and many of his writings and other things from his life are in the museum bearing his name. It is an experience, too, to stroll down "Monument Avenue", where monuments include the Christopher Columbus monument and the Bill "Bojangles" Robinson monument as well as one honoring Virginians who died in World War II, along with several other war memorials. There is much to be seen along the riverfront, too, including a former Slave Trail. For a peek into the theatrical past, you can visit the Byrd Theatre, a classical movie theater from the 1920’s era that now features second-run movies on a regular basis. That legendary "southern hospitality" comes into play whenever visitors "stop by for a spell". Or perhaps you heard about the Yercaud Hills of Salem, India. The word "Salem" literally means "surrounded by hills", and visitors won’t be disappointed. On the descent from the top of Yercaud, which is 1,600 feet high, many picturesque sights await the traveler, such as Kiliyur Falls. Can’t go right now? Why not visit Salem, Oregon, which has been designated "Tree City, USA" 30 years running by the National Arbor Day Foundation. Salem’s dedication to urban forestry includes a major display of flowering cherry trees throughout the city as well as around the capitol – favorite spots for visitors seeking photographic mementos of their visits… People from all over the world flock to Salem’s World Beat Festival, sponsored by the Salem Multicultural Institute, which features international crafts, music, dance, food and folklore from every continent and a traditional "Dragon Race". Also, Salem has 42 city parks, the largest having 898.9 acres, and one of the smallest in the world having a single Sequoia tree. For the kids, there is a toy museum and "discovery house". There is so much more awaiting visitors – including a huge welcome. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: