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"Score + quality evaluation: the 2020 senior high school entrance examination end only score of around 2020 the initial formation of junior high school proficiency test scores based on combining the comprehensive quality evaluation of senior high school admission examination mode." Zheng Fuzhi, director of the Ministry of education of the two division, said that by 2020, China will be the basic test of the end of the only score of the situation, the formation of score + quality evaluation model. September 20th, the Ministry of Education held a press conference on the newly issued "on further promoting the reform of the school entrance examination system reform guidance" (hereinafter referred to as "opinion") were interpreted. Implementation of the junior high school level test Zheng Fuzhi proposed that the core of the reform is to form a test of academic achievement + quality evaluation of the examination and enrollment mode. This core can be divided into two parts: one is the change of the exam, the two is the change of admission. From the recently issued the "opinions", the key lies in the change of examination junior high school proficiency test is carried out, is actually two test one, the junior high school graduation exam and high school entrance examination be made one implementation test for multiple purposes, and avoid repeated examination, reduce the burden and pressure of students to repeat the pro forma. Ministry of education official pointed out that in recent years, many parts of the country, the two test one of the exploration, but the name, different requirements, this time a unified specification. For the individual has not yet implemented the two test in one area, the reform also gave a buffer period, requiring them to actively create conditions for the transition to the junior high school level test. After the implementation of the junior high school proficiency test, the subjects of the examination has also undergone a major change. In the past, there is a fixed test subjects in the exam, which in some schools formed a test does not teach, do not take the test, the tendency. In order to guide the students to learn each course, lay a good foundation for the basic quality of compulsory education. The scope of the national curriculum reform will plan set by the subjects are included in the academic proficiency test, namely "general examination". In order to prevent the "general test" to increase the burden on students, in the policy to emphasize the design of test content to "improve the quality of the proposition, reduce the simple nature of the contents of memory, mechanical training". In the senior high school entrance examination content reform, many places these years have accumulated some valuable experience, "we made it clear from 2014 curriculum standard is the only basis for examination, not exam notes, is to make the test regression of curriculum standards." Shanxi provincial education department director level inspector Zhang Zhuoyu said, these years in Shanxi Province in the proposition and also put forward the "increasing exploratory, open questions, knowledge and skills to reduce test" requirement, various disciplines and open inquiry questions ratio from 26% in 2013 to 48% in 2016 mentioned. The Ministry of education has also proposed the use of scores, grades and other forms of presentation, to encourage the implementation of the conditions of the level of the show. After the reform of high school admission to see what specific to the admission, the Ministry of education official pointed out that the focus of the reform is to change the current high school enrollment will be part of academic achievement as the sum of admission.相关的主题文章: