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Cao Zexian: the creation of science China | for quantum mechanics — genius game – Sohu technology " science Chinese " Shanghai special upcoming lecture topic founded quantum mechanics of genius – Establishing QM: the play of geniuses game 1900~1928 is the physics history of the most exciting times, a genius, is young people, in less than thirty years to construct a new system of quantum mechanics, thus changing the face of physics, but also completely changed the appearance of the human society. This report systematically review the process of quantum mechanics is created, an idea about those extraordinary genius and the intrinsic relationship between those brilliant ideas can produce logic background and the theoretical framework, and strive with the historical narrative field construction of quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics has never been a revolution, it is just a continuation of the natural and logical nature of classical physics. Guest speaker Cao Zexian, male, born in 1966; graduated from the Physics Department of University of Science and Technology of China in 1987, 1997 by a doctorate in physics from the University of Kaiserslautern in Germany, in 1998 to join the China Academy of Sciences Institute of physics was selected so far; Academy "Hundred Talents Program" in Science, APL, PNAS, PRL, Advmat, Nature and other international magazine sub journal published research papers published hundreds of articles, the other Chinese physics and material science education around two hundred papers, editing and translation, the author of "physics quibble" (three volumes), "no" to the United States, Thin Film Growth, "an extraordinary", "quantum mechanics" and other monographs on juvenile version. Now China Institute of physics researcher, "physics" magazine columnist, Phys. Status Solidi journal. " " Chinese science; Shanghai Ocean University special November 2016 08 PM 14:40 Shanghai Ocean University Information Center 104 lecture hall activities "science Chinese" series of activities organized by the "Mr.", jointly organized the first financial institute and the "global science", is committed to creating a new form of scientific culture communication and interaction. The Human Frontier Science and technology in the world over the past 10 years for the human characters, the progress of science and technology and improve the level of science and technology Chinese made outstanding contributions, and still lead the technological innovation trend of scientists. Click on the bottom of the article to read the original registration! Admission application information 1, please add after successful registration, Mr., responsible for micro signal: to confirm whether to arrive on time. 2, in order to better improve the quality of the lecture, please all applicants before 14:20 admission, activities will start on time 14:40. 3, admission, please sign up for the success of the screenshot as a ticket for staff inspection. Screenshot below!相关的主题文章: