Satellite images released the first batch of three photos taken to the Capital Airport 9c8836

The satellite images released high three shot to the capital airport image – JINGWAH Beijing Times News (reporter Pan Shanju) yesterday, the national defense science and Industry Bureau announced the first to obtain high three satellite images, including the capital airport and Tianjin port. According to the national defense science and Industry Bureau, the first image of the image is clear, distinct, rich information, microwave reflection characteristics, including Xiamen, Fujian satellite BeiJing Capital Airport, Tianjin port, Hongze lake, the Yellow Sea sea images, covering the spotlight, strip, scanning, full polarization high three satellite imaging mode typical image. Reflect the landform image characteristics and marine environment monitoring etc. under different imaging modes. High three satellite was successfully launched on August 10th, the satellite attitude stability and state building, 15 first boot imaging and data transfer, the SAR load has completed all 12 imaging mode test. Institute of remote sensing and Digital Earth Institute, Kashi, Miyun, Sanya satellite ground station and the center of application of national satellite ocean satellite earth station Mudanjiang is responsible for receiving satellite data, China Resources Satellite Application Center completed the standardization of data acquisition, production of primary products. As of August 24th, scores three satellites have access and processing data 2.15TB, the production of 2 standard products, the king of 426. It is understood that the score of three satellites will be completed in December 2016 after the completion of the ground system test application testing and evaluation work. The application test period, high three satellite, the State Oceanic Administration, the main users of the Ministry of civil affairs, Ministry of water resources, China Meteorological Bureau and other user departments and relevant areas, will obtain by high three satellite data, satellite image quality and application evaluation. High three satellite is China’s first 1 meter resolution C band polarimetric synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite, is of special high "eye" project only a "radar star", compared with "high family" of a few other optical remote sensing satellite imaging capabilities, the biggest feature is a all day long time all weather, day and night, sunny or cloudy thunderstorms, may at any time for imaging, business maintenance, marine environmental monitoring and disaster monitoring and assessment, the interests of water conservancy facilities monitoring and evaluation of water resources management, meteorological research and new technology.相关的主题文章: