SAT test and part of the storm in October was transferred to candidates for next year-quickchm

SAT exam again from the storm in October next year candidates turned some reporters from foreign language training institutions that, in September 8th, in October SAT candidates received the College Board (referred to as CB, host SAT exam) messages, the effect that CB in order to ensure a fair and impartial examination environment. Security has taken a new round of the survey, if the students received this message, it means that the students’ identity of the candidates was suspect, need to enter the CB to download a form to fill in to show innocence. If you sign up for the new SAT test in October 1st, and receive the email, you need to download and fill in the form before the U.S. Eastern time at 5 p.m. on September 14th, submit the form to complete the authentication. Note: please be sure to submit the form before the deadline, the link in the message will be invalid after you fill in. If your table is not complete or we find that you don’t have the qualifications, then you will transfer the test date to May 2017, if you have a registration examination in May next year, then the test will be directly canceled, the examination fee will be refunded." SAT pro forma expert advice, for receiving this letter, please fill in the form to show innocence. Now I don’t know CB is a one-time mail out or were issued in the exam, candidates may also have received similar messages, so remind candidates: must timely check the registration examination had left the mailbox, spam check, to avoid missing important information, missed the chance to test.相关的主题文章: