Saryhe17ss dragon pool Spring Fashion Week watch a series of moistest China wind

SARYHE17SS dragon pool Spring Fashion Week watch a series of moistest Chinese wind in the past this past January, for the public, may be the Mid Autumn Festival reunion, the National Day travel; but for Sary, everything is around "Fashion Week", which is exclusive to her Carnival feast. Sary — SARY HE designer, loves travel, advocating free life, she is good at breaking the city, mining in different countries, different city street culture. The Sary series of the past, it is not difficult to find her love will often state, city streets, income by inspiration, in different countries, local culture and national style as well as the city background, her design style is cool street. For example, the previous swing New York series, fashionable Broolyn series, etc.. Of course, in addition to the Western street culture, the Chinese wind with the rise of the past two years, is also popular in the fashion industry. In the spring and summer series, Sary will be the eastern Chinese culture to design this season, the theme named "dragon pool spring", this time she used the east street language interpretation of a trend. "Dragon pool spring" series, the use of modern design and tailoring of art instead of the "form", is abstracted in the pattern on the face, more close to the real life in the cartoon image, the overall look rich and colorful and self-contained, composite Chinese history, Oriental philosophy and ideology, formed a unique aesthetic style. And the high level of aesthetic, to a great extent, the expression of a new era of women, independent, brave, and elegant, but also a model function and the ultimate fusion of art. "Dragon pool spring" named for an ancient poem, poetry tends to free and open to italy. Sary in "poetry" as inspiration, will Chinese traditional dress rope, with the cultural reconstruction to join, let women in the hippie fashion, in the return of indifferent open-minded, uninhibited. This season in the cutting and conception and the usual Gallery shape simple atmosphere, the details of the Chinese traditional elements to be decorated, Chinese elements behave both traditional meaning and playful fashion. Just shortly after the end of the Ningbo international fashion week, "dragon pool spring" to eat melon masses greatly surprise, let the big show is deeply rooted in the Chinese wind. The color on the use of red and black as the main colors, sexy wild yet playful, red shoulders enough suction eye, cuffs color beauty, enough to make a summer bright fairy. A very HOT inclined shoulder dress, embroidered dragon pattern exquisite by exaggerated flared jeans, retro back, the vision is very tall. The leading   T is our 17SS very important single product positioning + printed leggings, full of China street style. The coat dyed brush effect Handmade prints, irregular hem tape from the concept of traditional costumes China rope, create fringe effect, giving a strong impression. This dress by Chinese draw a Hanfu form, the use of traditional costumes for the design of China sources with different color denim fabric stitching cut silk wool texture.相关的主题文章: