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Sanya bus station eleven golden week is expected to transport about 80 thousand passengers — Hainan windows — September 29th, reporters from Sanya bus passenger service department learned that, in response to the "eleven" National Day golden week traffic doubled, do not stay a passenger, planned capacity into 420 car National Day station, emergency reserve 32 vehicles, is expected to send 4000 class flights, is expected to transport about 80 thousand passenger trips. Sanya bus passenger service department deputy manager Chen Caiqian introduction, this year is expected to "eleven" National Day Golden Week passenger flow of students, mainly by the flow of migrant workers, and a short distance tourists visiting flow. September 30th to October 1st for the peak passenger flow, the average daily traffic of 13 thousand passengers. The passenger line is mainly the west, Sanya to the yellow stream, Ledong, Dongfang Changjiang, Lingao, that is big, and the East West traffic relatively less, from the island of the inter provincial long-distance is expected to increase than in previous years. According to the province’s transport rolling start, inter provincial long-distance departure by the normal frequency. Such as passenger traffic exceeded expectations, Sanya bus station will be put into emergency vehicles, overtime departure, never stranded passengers. Chen Caiqian said, to ensure that the "eleven" National Day Golden Week transportation safety, Sanya bus station early on to develop relevant programs, from the aspects of vehicle security, capacity allocation, personnel, security measures, emergency handling, logistics and so have made plans and arrangements, to ensure transport safety. The reporter saw the bus station in Sanya, and the waiting hall, All seats are occupied., 3 streams of people busily coming and going, and 8 artificial ticket window before the ticket machines are lined up, people rushed to the station to travel ticket, one of the busy scene. It is understood that, in order to ensure the safety of passengers from the station, the station has also arranged a team responsible for the inspection and control of dangerous goods and other security work, and has a staff of dedicated passenger guidance, maintaining the order. Station police and border police officers also strengthen the police force, the full range of investment security, prevent the occurrence of pickpocketing, robbery and other phenomena, to ensure passengers’ luggage and personal safety from all aspects. (commissioning editor Liu Yangyang and Chen Haiyan)相关的主题文章: