Samsung Prince Li Zairong will be Samsung Electronics executive director to the front desk

Samsung Prince Li Zairong will be appointed Executive Director of Samsung officially to the front JINGWAH Times News (reporter Gu Xiaoyu) the reporter learned yesterday, Samsung said the decision next month on the 27 provisional shareholders meeting to submit the appointment of vice president of Samsung Li Zairong as executive director of the bill, Prince Li Zairong ye will officially enter the Samsung front. Samsung Electronics said, for the implementation of responsible management, the board of Directors recommended Li Zairong as executive director has been a long time, because of Samsung Electronics chairman Li Jianxi long ill, Li Zairong decided to accept the proposal. Samsung said, Li Zairong as chief customer officer and chief operating officer involved in the operation of a few years, in the reign of Li Jianxi two years to reverse the performance decline to complete business restructuring, fully demonstrated the ability of the manager. "The IT market is rapidly changing business environment, decisive decision-making, rapid investment, enhance the core competitiveness, internal company agreed Li Jianxi to offer formal not to drag." Samsung Electronics said in a statement. According to South Korean media reports, Li Zairong will form a collective management system and Samsung, the current executive director, Yin Fugen Shen Zongjun, President Kwon Hyun president. But Samsung said the executive director does not mean that Li Zairong promoted to president. Li Zairong is the son of Li Jianxi, the president of Samsung Electronics, Samsung is also recognized as the successor, after Li Jianxi in 2014 due to health reasons, no longer has become the actual management of the company, Samsung Electronics control. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: