Samsung China push Note7 replacement rules return 200 yuan subsidy for S7 600 yuan

Samsung China push Note7 replacement rules: return subsidies 200 yuan for subsidies of 600 yuan Sina S7 mobile phone news on October 14th morning news, this week, Samsung officially started the recall in the inland areas of nearly 200 thousand Note7, but due to the purchase of more diverse, consumers will face a variety of details. Samsung’s official website has just posted a more detailed recall statement, including the recall of mobile phone accessories and subsidies for the purchase. According to the latest statement: Galaxy Note7 return the consumers will have 200 yuan subsidy; choose to return after buying Galaxy S7 edge S7 customers will receive 600 yuan subsidy (including the return of 200 yuan subsidy); other specific accessories need to buy the original way to return, as the original link: as reference, according to the information a small online store, buy the Hong Kong version will have the amount of compensation case (for reference). In the global context, in the United States Samsung users choose another smartphone can enjoy up to $100 of tariff concessions, return or replacement of another company’s smartphone can enjoy up to $25 of tariff concessions. While in South Korea local: the user to replace the Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note5, Samsung’s own new intelligent mobile phone can enjoy up to a value of 100 thousand won (about 593 yuan) discount, return or replacement of the intelligent mobile phone of another company can get the value of 30 thousand won the coupon. On the other hand, the new product recall period from October 14, 2016 to December 31, 2016, you can have a full recall time. (Wang Di)相关的主题文章: