Samsung and battery suppliers have issued a statement line Note7 explosion caused by external heatin dachiyouxiang

Samsung and battery suppliers have issued a statement: China Note7 explosion of external heating led Sina mobile phone news, September 19th afternoon news, Samsung Note7 battery supplier Amperex Technology Limited (ATL) issued a statement, there is no direct relation between the mobile phone and battery production that spontaneous combustion, Samsung has subsequently issued a statement, said the domestic mobile phone licensed version of the Note7 accident for external heating. Amperex Technology Limited official statement said the statement is not from Samsung official, but after a preliminary investigation of the joint investigation of Amperex Technology Limited and samsung. According to the statement, ATL said: "according to the combustion traces on the sample, we assume that the heat source comes from the outside of the battery body, there may be other external factors caused by heating problems." In this statement, the Samsung Corp also issued a statement, saying the basic consistent with ATL: external heating led to. The Samsung Corp issued a statement on the Note7 explosion problem in the past two days, in the China district has appeared two cases of Samsung Note7 domestic licensed mobile phone spontaneous events. One of the users said that the accident occurred when the phone is not charging state. Samsung or ATL did not specify whether these two incidents are external heating reasons. About Samsung Note7 battery spontaneous combustion for more information, please see the "Samsung Note7 explosion: like walking in tall buildings". For all the details of the matter, please review the Sina technology.相关的主题文章: