Sakata training kings from 430 loyal to teammate 0 running man20130526

Sakata: from 430 to 0 fans teammates rest days training under King iG.V I was the single Sakata, ID also told me before I Yan Yan, two name can be, I really love. I came to iG.V because when I was at school I have a occupation idea, and then made an appointment with the team Su Peng, Peng Su then last year in iG, I was at home, then squat (laughs) Peng Su went to iG.V to regroup, call on me, and TI2 from the beginning, I is aunt’s idiotic powder, have attracted the attention of iG, so iG can have a dream into reality feeling. Our team is the first OP and I hit single, TI before the game I have to play a bit later, adjust the team too, so that when the TI qualifier is OP from TI after the end of the transfer OP is adjusted to iG, five of us think the rest of the play to the present the chemical reaction in the well, it offered hope to maintain the original lineup to play, the club is also very supportive of us. Then we quickly adjust the state, continue to play a Changsha CDEC tournaments, and won a championship, this is our first title in the championship to get together, regardless of the size of feeling is really happy. We are now a denial, we are more familiar with, 9000 years old, was supposed to be the most powerful in our team, brush money very quickly, Carry ability is good, and we can be played to go together, but he is still a line of kuangmo, I often and he practiced in the single line. I often ride to face pressure, play very fierce, technology is very delicate, but because of the radical style so when the game is relatively easy to swim. No. two is my style, my word is partial fight, love Biandabian brush the kind of feeling now in a single game on the line is not open 55, the gap is particularly large, because soy sauce can greatly affect the road, so when the game is not generally encountered pressure and refused practice of pressure. No. three Injuly, we usually call him hard, he is our team leader and team bully, he said what we basically are listening, when the game basically also is his command, the overall view is very good, we all trust him very much. No. four Dogfights, we usually call him mango, he is cats and SA skills in the game rhythm brother, we rely on him, if he would shun our whole disc will be very smooth, if he collapse if it may collapse in the end we have a. Five place is Su Peng, very standard number five, very dedicated, usually he and Injuly to do the command of the two people, said the words of the special and more, we choose to listen to. We start from the TI qualifying matches, now feel play has been very good, after the TI PGL is our first time to join the line, in fact we play better have hope to win, but because of the tension and the various aspects of the problem, finally got a third, then we are quickly adjust the state, continue to Changsha hit VPGAME’s tournament, and won a championship, this is me.相关的主题文章: