Russian navy commander in chief will visit Liaoning, China will host a ship – Sohu Military Channel-adobe gamma

Russian navy commander will visit Liaoning Ship Board met a Chinese admiral – Sohu military channel member of the Central Military Commission, Admiral Wu Shengli, November 3rd afternoon in Beijing met with visiting Russian navy commander Korolev. Wu Shengli pointed out that the good relations between the two navies is an important support for the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Russia, the leaders of the two countries have attached great importance to. President Xi Jinping and President Putin have participated in two times and personally guided the Sino Russian joint maritime operations, highlighting the special nature of the two countries and the importance of naval relations. I hope both sides will further establish a "strategic mutual trust, form deeply pragmatic, new relationship between the Navy action mutual support", to strengthen the Navy leaders visits and high-level dialogue exchanges, deepen cooperation under the multilateral framework; improve the Lianyan level of combat, strengthen the communication between the fleet, and actively carry out technical cooperation to strengthen the logistics cooperation; maritime forces action planning support coordination, meet the communication and open task forces etc.. Korolev said that at present, Sino Russian naval relations more closely, more and more broad areas of cooperation, hope that both sides will further strengthen pragmatic cooperation at all levels in the field, to play a greater role in maintaining regional peace and stability. Korolev and his party will also visit the Beihai fleet, Submarine Academy, and visit Liaoning ship and other naval vessels.相关的主题文章: