Russian media China’s anti-ship missiles still imitate the Russian standard has exceeded the United

Russian media: China’s anti-ship missiles still imitate the Russian standard has exceeded the United States – Sohu Military Channel China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) announced the development of the world’s best anti-ship missiles". The CM-302 type supersonic missile can hit the ground target. The situation in the South China Sea tensions continue to heat up, the prospects of this new type of missile pack? In this regard, the Russian military expert Vasily in November 11th on the Russian satellite? Kashin network comments. The article said that at the Zhuhai air show, Chinese CASIC group showed new export type CM-302 supersonic anti-ship missile. Some Chinese media have called it "the best in the world."". There is no doubt that China has made great achievements in the construction of supersonic anti-ship missiles, but at the same time, China’s ability to innovate in the field of structure is still relatively modest". In the field of anti-ship missiles, China is still in a catch-up state. CASC and CASIC group produced supersonic cruise missiles, is to replicate the two major Russian anti-ship cruise missile path. Of course, this is not a bad way. In some ways, China is overtaking western countries, including the United States, which has only subsonic missiles. However, China does not have the same as Russia’s P-1000 basalt and P-700 granite heavy supersonic anti-ship missiles. From the real point of view, P-700 is a launch weight of 7 tons, with a speed of 2.5 Maher fly to the target. This missile has its own electronic warfare equipment. After the missile is fired, the aircraft can exchange information and coordinate the attack direction, so that the target can be shot from different angles simultaneously. The P-1000 is equipped with armored combat. It can be upgraded in the future, so you can have the ability to attack coastal targets. The missile is designed to strike an aircraft carrier, with a range of more than 700 kilometers. CX-1 type missiles on display 2014 Zhuhai airshow, according to a large number of exports to Russia is clearly P-800 ("Onyx") and "Moss’s Russian Indian missile missile production concept. CM-302 missile CASIC display this air show, is China Navy fielded YJ-12 and YJ-12 missiles export version. It is necessary to point out that this type of missile is designed in production according to Russian license * air missile based on supersonic -31. Specifically, the size of the enlarged version. In any case, the progress made by the Chinese in missile manufacturing has a huge impact on the military and political situation in the pacific. Americans are also very concerned about this. They know very well that the number and range of supersonic cruise missiles in China are growing. For example, YJ-12 can be launched in the United States, such as the maximum range of StandardSM-2 missile launch. If you buy a long-range missile like StardardSM-6 on a large scale, you will need a lot of money ($4 million per missile). However, Russia will be equipped with more advanced anti-ship equipment in the near future. For example, is currently testing the zircon hypersonic missiles, the speed of up to 5 Maher. These guide.相关的主题文章: