Russian Economic Development Minister L Kaye J bribery $2 million arrested

Russian Economic Development Minister L Kaye J $2 million bribery arrested according to Xinhua news agency Reuters Russian Federation Investigation Committee (before translation Commission) announced on 15, Minister of economic development have arrested Ulyukaev in the evening of 14, accused him of taking bribes from a $2 million acquisition of energy companies (about 13 million 700 thousand yuan). According to Reuters, the 60 year old Ulyukaev is the highest level since the collapse of the Soviet Union officials arrested in russia. Investigators set traps caught Ulyukaev in 2013 as Minister of economic development. As president of the investigation organs directly under the jurisdiction of criminal cases, the Russian federal investigative committee said in a statement, the Russian oil company of state-owned enterprises previously acquired another energy company bash oil company 50% of the shares, Ulyukaev in charge of the Ministry of economic development to make a positive assessment of this, the equivalent of the green light, and he was suspected of obtaining benefits from". In October this year, the acquisition of Russian oil oil price bash shares, to 330 billion rubles ($5 billion). A law enforcement agencies sources told the Russian news agency, Ulyukaev has been eyeing the investigators for more than a year, the investigators through the monitor calls Ulyukaev and colleagues call for "a very important evidence". Russian media reports, in order to let Ulyukaev "show fox’s tail", the investigators set a trap to catch, in the evening of 14 Ulyukaev accepting bribes when it was arrested. According to the Federal Investigation Commission, Ulyukaev threatened to blackmail Russian oil executives bribery. Ulyukaev’s lawyer said he thought he was "Fishing law enforcement". Putin lifted the post of minister of the Russian presidency of the Russian press secretary Per Skov said that the initial launch of the investigation for the purpose of the investigation, when he was aware of the matter on the matter of the investigation, Mr. Putin said that Mr. Putin was relieved of his post. Per Skov, 15, said that due to the loss of trust in Ulyukaev, President of the day to sign the order of the president, the lifting of the duties of the office of Ulyukaev, Putin. Russian Prime Minister Medvedev’s office issued a statement, Medvedev and Putin have discussed the matter, Medvedev believes that the investigation of the case need to be extremely careful". The investigation committee of the media department deputy director Peter Rienk said the agency has a criminal case of Ulyukaev, the criminal proceedings on it, because he is a violation of the relevant provisions of the criminal law of Russia, as a national public officials extortion, accepting huge bribes. The Russian satellite network reported that Wuliukayefusuo related charges once established, most can be sentenced to 15 years in prison. However, Peter Rienk stressed that the acquisition process is still legal bash oil, investigation object is not a criminal case of the deal "". Itar Tass quoted the Russian oil spokesman Leon G Jef, believes that the acquisition of Russian oil bash oil shares there is no risk of the deal "open and aboveboard". To eradicate the corruption of power system of the Russian State Duma (lower house of parliament) Financial Markets Committee Chairman Aksakov Ulyukaev on suspicion of bribery "very surprised", think this is a very serious charge, hope everything can make". He said that the Financial Markets Committee will continue to carry out routine work, will not stop interaction with the Ministry of economic development. Al-aqsa family.相关的主题文章: