Ronaldo best helper back injury nobody! Barcelona nightmare over Real Madrid (video)-kasey chase

C Luo strongest helper back injury no one! Barcelona Real Madrid [information] Real Madrid nightmare enveloped 4-1 reversal is still leading C Ronaldo hat trick + miss Pepe played only 24 minutes back injury, Real Madrid (data) halfback shortage of people downtown Tencent sports news October 30th Real Madrid away victory continues to lead the league, but also to pay when defender Pepe back injury early because of the Portuguese international price the wound left, two main defender Moss Zidane and Pepe are injured so far, Real Madrid also met with Barcelona (official data) the same trouble, the defense personnel crisis. The first half of Pepe early back injury, played only 24 minutes and was replaced by Nacho, "Marca" disclosure, the Portuguese international is in a sprint speed, leg muscle feel unwell, so leave early treatment. Because Ramos injured, Pepe has played 5 games for 450 minutes, but due to injuries and other reasons, this season the veteran also has 7 game absence, because attendance and age, the negotiations have been stalled club. But Pepe after all in the European Cup this summer, he is one of the best defender, helping Portugal historic win the Delaunay cup called C, the strongest helper, while Real Madrid in the third and fourth choice guard Valane Nacho, and the ability to have the gap. Real Madrid 3, after the departure of Zidane, Valane and Nacho partner who can only make the area, "Aspen" sigh, "Ramos, Casey Milo and Modric, a real force adds 1 people wounded." Week China King cup into amazing goal Nacho, return to the halfback, played Zhongguizhongju, is regarded as one of the team’s future defender Valane, consecutive mistakes, almost let promoted the real goals, tied the score: is the French and Navas with mistakes gifts, the White army in 9 consecutive games lost the ball, and half at the beginning, Valane and Alves midfielder Kamala, easily get rid off, but fortunately Navas rushed off the pole, otherwise the outcome suspense again. Barcelona is currently facing a serious shortage of people defense, Peake, Alva, Mathieu and Vidal are injured, a defender only 4 people, even for no change. Real Madrid are not optimistic about the situation, Ramos has just recovered from the training venue, return time, Pepe was wounded, although the specific injury to the next examination after the verdict, but is likely to miss the next week in the Champions League, Valane and Nacho of the temporary and will contact them back. In order to cope with the defensive injury crisis, Enrique transferred the two round of the League two team defender Marlon and Neely, and if Pepe could not play in the Champions League, Zidane has only two choices, one is to let a person, Danilo Carvajal or Fabio Coentrao, as the position is also to two alternative, also deployed emergency team will. (Cuchu)相关的主题文章: