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Health Nua Healthcare is dedicated to the provision of quality services for people with autism. All staff has access to autism related material through our staff library and is knowledgeable about the needs of people with Asperger Syndrome and autism. Nua healthcare services ltd recently had their review process with the National Autism Society. Nua healthcare who provides placements for all individuals on the autistic spectrum has placed considerable emphasis on developing a quality service since its opening in 2004. Nua Healthcare provides a range of services for individuals with Aspergers syndrome, brain injury and learning difficulties. Over the past year Nua Healthcare has developed services specific to individuals with autism. These services include a sensory room, snoozelean, gym, educational centre and multi sensory garden. Services provided by Nua Healthcare also include a multi disciplinary approach which is necessary for individuals with autism. Nua Healthcare services ltd have in-dept knowledge of the individuals they support. This is reflected in the practices within the service. The organisation invests heavily on training staff in the area of autism and autism specific interventions. Nua Healthcare is currently opening a new purpose unit challenging behaviour unit. The challenging behaviour unit which will open in November 2009 is built with behaviours that challenge in mind. The challenging behaviour unit is suitable for individuals of all ages and is situated in the Kildare country side. The challenging behaviour unit has been undergoing major renovation for the past 4 months and is finally near .pletion. Challenging behaviour can pose major management difficulties for families and health providers. Staff within nua healthcare services are .pletely trained in the management of challenging situations and are also trained in CPI (crisis prevention intervention) and TCI ( therapeutic crisis intervention). Staff within the challenging behaviour unit also receive .munication training from the behaviour psychologist. The challenging behaviour unit will be staffed by both social care and nursing staff. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: