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The report refers to Guangdong for four consecutive years to lead Chinese public cultural service – Beijing, Beijing in October 25 Shanghai Xinhua (reporter Xu Jing) the Ministry of education key research base of Shanghai Normal University Urban Culture Research Center organized the preparation of the 2015 "China public cultural services development report" issued 25, according to the report, "12th Five-Year" during the national public cultural service to achieve a new leap from the administrative "maintenance" to "guarantee law", Guangdong, Shanghai respectively in the public cultural service index total and per capita ranking won first place. The report is a study of the public cultural index of 31 provinces and autonomous regions in China for the past fifth years since 2011. Based on the statistical yearbook of China, this paper reviews and analyzes the level, characteristics and trends of the development of China’s public cultural services in 12th Five-Year. The report shows, from the characteristics of "national public cultural service in 12th Five-Year" period of view, public cultural input to get financial support for cultural undertakings, per capita growth; public cultural service system more reasonable, cultural institutions, the number of employees to enhance the overall individual drop; the supply of public cultural services progress but there is still a significant gap in demand. The amount of books per capita is the distance away from the international standard. According to the report of Professor Sun Xun presided over the introduction, from the overall trend of public cultural services, "12th Five-Year" during the construction of public cultural service system China rely on policy deployment and legislative protection, investment steady growth of urban and rural public cultural service facilities network basically established, showing a good momentum of development of the overall progress, key breakthrough, comprehensive promotion to achieve a new leap, from the administrative "maintenance" to "guarantee law", but there are also problems of diversified demand and effective supply of asymmetric and asymmetric information. Report on "public cultural investment", "public cultural institutions" and "public cultural products", "public cultural activities", "public cultural team", "public culture to enjoy" the 6 level indicators and cultural undertakings costs accounted for the proportion of fiscal expenditure and 58 two level index, index, and public cultural service input and output performance of public cultural service comprehensive progress index of ranking, and selected for analysis of twenty-one core indicators from the two indicators, reflecting the provinces and autonomous regions of the public cultural service investment status, scale and quality of service from different aspects. In the comprehensive index of public cultural services (total) ranking, Guangdong ranked fourth in the first place for 91.46 consecutive years, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, from second to five. In the public culture service index (per capita) ranking, Shanghai with 94.52 points for fifth consecutive years to lead the country, and lead the second Zhejiang 12.17 points; Beijing, Tibet and Tianjin were ranked third to five place. In the performance index of the input and output of public cultural services, Henan’s total and per capita ranking first in the country, indicating that the effectiveness of its public cultural services is higher than other provinces and autonomous regions. And Zhejiang, Tibet, respectively, in the comprehensive index of public cultural services and the overall progress of the ranking of the first rank, showing a strong.相关的主题文章: