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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews If you are a beginner in flying helicopters it is wise to buy remote control helicopters with a minimum of 4 channels. This makes them easy to fly since you have control of all the four directions. To begin with they may be more challenging but once you have got the hang of it, the flying experience is a thousand times better and will go a long way in gaining experience in handling other advanced versions of these machines. Advanced models being 6 channels or more can be the next step up or a first purchase when you have adequate support. When making your selection, ensure to buy a helicopter with good back up and support. As a beginner you will be prone to several clashes and it is good to consider spares, upgrades, phone or email support and even someone that can repair it if goes wrong. Consider a company that has the backup and support of a serious helicopter technician. Practice make perfect and it is good to consider buying training aids to accompany your helicopter. Spending some time practicing will really pay dividends once you are up in the air. These aids may include ping pong balls that act as stabilizers and can be bought from any good shop selling remote control helicopters. You may download a flight simulator on your computer to build your confidence before starting on the real helicopter. Phoenix provides the most realistic experience and graphics but you can download other free stimulators which are available online. It is good to be realistic when starting off this amazing experience and it is good to have expectations that are realistic to avoid disappointments because they will be there when you begin. Try to avoid the temptation to attempt loop-the-loops on first trial. Try moving your remote control helicopters along the floor first, then fly it just a foot or so above the ground, until you feel in control. Some helicopters are easier than others to fly, so get some advice first before starting. It is good to keep in mind that these remote control helicopters are specifically made with the beginner in mind thus giving you ease of control and maneuverability. They are also built with landing gear minimizing damage to the body in case they plummet to the ground which is inevitable when learning to fly. As soon as you’ve developed those types of skill and become an expert in flying remote control helicopters, you can freely maneuver it in the sky. The beauty is that you can keep playing the game as long as you want to regardless of the condition of the weather. It would be best if you have the ones that are designed for both indoor and outdoor setting. This will allow you to enjoy it non-stop. Just because the weather threatens your outdoor flying hobbies don’t mean an end to your, keep a selection for all weathers and keep cruising. As a beginner arm yourself with confidence and keep flying. Practice makes perfect. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: