Remember, Rongcheng into the sea by sea breeze to breathe – and Sohu e2140

Rongcheng into the sea by sea breeze? Breathe freely – Sohu and hangwanlilu know the world better, thousands of food products to understand life is strong. The text of the uncle from uncle so close, only today, really ashamed. Into the sea, food, wine, knowledge, freedom in Rongcheng. Here is probably because the city slogan is "breathe", it may be because of their hospitality is more likely because they can enjoy the sea breeze with the mood. And August is just the scorching heat, it is better to go to the seaside. Although is the image of the city, but there is a small city rhythm, all people feel very comfortable, want to go, and thank the Rongcheng local gourmet "Blue Dream" invitation, the rest of the way to hear uncle slowly. > > > > route one: self driving tour: departure from home, choose the route according to the actual situation, to enter the ring expressway. About 4.3 kilometers to the west, into the sea to tell the road. The traveling about 347 kilometers into the black line. The driving about 1.8 km to the Northeast Expressway, continue to run into the sea highway. The traveling about 1.5 km, into the Rong Wu highway. The traveling about 40 km, into the Jackie Chan line. The traveling about 5 km turn right into the mountain road, in the city of Weihai, arrived at the end point of Rongcheng city. About 19 hours, a total of about 680 km. (recommend rest, safety first) two: train + bus: Shenyang – Dalian ship + (high speed about 1.5 hour train fare 180 yuan, about 5 hour 50 yuan fare), after arriving in Dalian to the port by boat to Weihai, scattered about 170 yuan, and then take the bus from Weihai to Rongcheng. Three: train + bus: Shenyang – Yantai (high speed about 11 hours two seat 550 yuan, about 24 hour sleeper train fares 330 yuan), from Rongcheng to Yantai by bus. Four: Aircraft: Shenyang – Weihai, the ticket is about 300 yuan, from Weihai bus to Rongcheng. In addition, Rongcheng is no airport, can choose to return to Wendeng from dashuipo airport. > > > > Rongcheng is one of the earliest China coastline rises Chaoyang area, belonging to the Shandong Weihai City, located in the eastern tip of Shandong Peninsula, surrounded on three sides by the sea, a coastline of 500 kilometers, is the distance we care deeply about Korea nearest distance is only 94 nautical miles, sent my brother Sun Yang a few steps to swim, air quality days 100%, suitable for living and health. Early in the Neolithic age, there have been signs of human achievement Rong, Qin also arrived here two times. One of the eight coast famous old revolutionary base areas, Chinese only Ocean Food City, Chinese most beautiful, these belong to you —- Rongcheng. The first sight to see Rongcheng is the most beautiful beach in the legend and the most blue sea beach, at this time in addition to minimize the blink of an eye, I really do not know that they can!相关的主题文章: