Relaxation of the situation in the South China Sea to allow Japan to do a lot of new action to worry sunny came home

The situation in the South China Sea ease the Japanese anxious to engage in new action to put pressure on China data figure: Japan’s Maritime Self Defense Force patrol aircraft data figure: the South China Sea to alleviate the momentum let us Japan worry interventionism will make Japan a greater loss of the US Japan defense minister meeting, announced that the armed forces joint South China Sea cruise". Voice of America website 16, said U.S. Defense Secretary Carter held talks with the Japanese defense minister in the United States on the visit to The Pentagon in the United States on the 15. At the same time, China and Russia to enter the second stage in the South China Sea held military exercises at sea, the most concern is the "seize the island exercises". Russian Pacific fleet information security director Colonel Matveyev said on September 15th to 19 is Russia joint maritime exercise 2016 "active period. In the final stages of the exercise, plans for the Marine Corps and airborne troops to seize the island landing exercises. Japan business news website quoted military analyst Kitamura Jun as saying, the Sino Russian joint military exercise is the enemy of japan". Reported that this is the first time in the South China Sea exercises held in the South China Sea, passing a strong signal. From the exercise content, in particular, should cause vigilance in japan. For example, Russia South China Sea exercises focused on training in anti submarine warfare, the Southeast Asia submarine combat capability is not worth mentioning, apparently for the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force deterrence. In addition, this is very close to the actual combat amphibious exercises and seize the island battle, this is undeniable, will continue to strengthen the defense of the island power in Japan as the imaginary enemy. For such claims, the Sino Russian joint exercise commander, deputy commander of the Red Sea Fleet Admiral Yu Manjiang responded that this year, China is the first joint naval exercises in the South China Sea fleet based in the South China Sea fleet will, within the jurisdiction of the organization, should not be considered in other regions, the situation in the South China Sea is about exercise and have an ulterior motive. Hongkong "South China Morning Post" said Russia, the South China Sea exercises is not "threat of war", the two countries held a joint military drill in Guangdong is near the sea, the sea area belongs to the South China Sea, but not the disputed waters. In addition, Beijing does not want to stimulate Hanoi and Manila, the Vietnamese Prime Minister has just visited China, the president of Philippines is likely to visit China later this year. Gao Hong, 17, the global times, said the most recent period, with some positive Chinese peace practices, the situation in the South China Sea has emerged to solve or alleviate some of the momentum, which makes the United States and Japan, especially Japan is very anxious. Japan is trying to deeply involved in the South China Sea, one is to continue to show its strong hard Chinese of containment. On the other hand, if the United States and Japan to engage in joint cruise in the South China Sea, to help those who hold a wait-and-see or negative attitude of the South China Sea countries to exert pressure. In addition to Philippines and Vietnam, the United States in the Asia Pacific, another Ally Australia’s attitude towards the South China Sea is undergoing subtle changes. Australia Yonhap news agency said 17 days, the Australian Labor Party leader in 16, shorten Global Leaders Forum in Washington said that Australia should not change its stance on the South China Sea, "he does not believe that the Australian Navy in the United States Naval operations in the South China Sea on freedom of navigation in what help". On the same day, the United States to attend the United Nations General Assembly, the Australian Foreign Minister Bishop in Washington, with the high-level meeting of the president of the United States, Trump, also made a similar position to make a statement on the same day, the Australian foreign minister in the United States to participate in the United Nations General Assembly on the same day, also made a similar statement. She says,"相关的主题文章: