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Refined oil retail prices bottomed out — energy — Beijing daily news (reporter Jiang Mengwei Lin) in international oil prices showed a rising trend in the overall context of November 27th, the Beijing Daily reporter learned from a number of agencies, in November 30th 24, the domestic refined oil prices rise or will usher in. If the wholesale price of refined oil rose in line with expectations, consumers fill a box of oil, will increase the cost of 5 yuan. Around Thanksgiving, the market waiting for OPEC oil ministers held this week, a semi annual meeting to discuss the implementation of the agreement, the international oil prices stabilized. However, the adjustment of domestic refined oil retail price mainly refers to the main crude oil price fluctuation range of 10 working days in this cycle. With the crude oil moving average price continued to rise, the refined oil retail price adjustment is also expanding. Www measured data show that the domestic seventh working days refer to the rate of change of crude oil was 4.78%, corresponding to raise gasoline and diesel 155 yuan per ton, Zhuo analysts pointed out that once the implementation of the price adjustment, if the increase rate of 155 yuan tons of gasoline will rise 0.12 yuan calculation, consumers fill a box of oil, will increase the cost of 5 yuan. As of November 30th 24, China experienced a total of 23 times the price adjustment window, among them, 5 down, raised 8 times, 10 times and 4 times the adjustment due to the magnitude of less than 50 yuan per ton and ran aground, 6 times for the crude oil price below the floor price and stop transfer. As a result, the upcoming refined oil retail prices will become the eighth increase in the year. 2016 international crude oil as a whole in the 30-50 U.S. dollars barrel shock, the overall trend of bottoming out, so this year the domestic refined oil retail price adjustment, the number of times more than the number of adjustments. (commissioning editor Du Yanfei and Wang Jing)相关的主题文章: