Red net for powder, live the Hornets being stung into the ICU — Hainan windows-y580

Red net for powder, live the Hornets   being stung into the ICU — Hainan window — Jiang Bo was in the hospital became the anchor to Chuiladanchang or giggle and flirt on the screen? Wrong! In order to absorb the powder, some people will do crazy things. The day before, a 29 year old boy Dazu District in order to let the live more fire risk to the hornets. Jiang Bo live live for more than 3 months, on the Internet little fame. A few days ago, his friend fishing was a wasp sting, heard some worry, Jiang Bo is feeling themselves: do a Hornets broadcast drama, first broadcast in the Hornets, the second sets of live pupae to eat. The evening of October 4th, Jiang Bo and other 6 people spent 500 yuan to rent a crane to the hornet’s nest under the tree. He put on his motorcycle helmet, put on his raincoat, stood on the crane and came to the top of the tree 30 meters tall. Shortly after the broadcast, the companion heard Jiang shouted: "put me down quickly, can not be stopped."." The crane fell down and Jiang Bo fell into a coma and rushed to a nearby hospital. After examination, from entering the hornet’s trousers, on Jiang Bo bite wound 37. Later, Jiang Bo was transferred to intensive care unit. Yesterday, Jiang Bo’s friend Yin Zhujun said, Jiang Bo is still in intensive care unit, treatment fee has been 10000 yuan. Jiang Bo’s live account management for more than 3 months, and 3 friends cooperation, earn 3000 yuan per month. In the evening after there are 3 main reasons: the sky is dark, the hornet’s nest position is too high, no professional protective equipment. Chongqing Cancer Hospital Director General Department Wang Shengqiang said that since the autumn from many hospitals by wasp sting patients. Bee stings can be rinsed with weak alkaline solutions (such as 3% ammonia water, 2~3% sodium bicarbonate, soap water, light lime water, etc.) and externally applied to neutralize acid toxins. Stung by wasp, neutralized with weak acid solution (such as vinegar, 0.1% dilute hydrochloric acid, etc.). With a small needle or tape paste, pull out the sting of a bee, do not squeeze. Symptoms quickly sent to the hospital. Chongqing evening news reporter Jiang Bo view live accounts found that Jiang Bo had done several times to take the horse honeycomb live, there are 15 thousand fans. Jiang Bo has 11 thousand videos to watch for this video. Net red small Liu Yan: so suck powder is not desirable many times to Chongqing one minute live platform, signed 4 online broadcast platform network red small Liu Yan, very not agree with hurt their live way. Small Liu Yan said, live hot, low threshold, the new entry anchor first consider their bottom line, in the live broadcast process to establish their own style, both suction powder and avoid going to extremes. Psychological experts: spoof is a kind of abnormal mentality, Tan Gangqiang, director of Chongqing Xiehe psychological consultant, said, some people want to desperately get the thrill of subversive innovation impulse, and some people use spoof to obtain public attention. Parody is becoming more and more popular, mainly using the mentality of modern people who need decompression, and by using the pleasure of practical jokes to ease. Spoof mostly in the network, the network threshold is very low, often appear overnight fame phenomenon, can help some people realize a kind of illusory satisfaction. Tan Gangqiang thinks that the choice of Kuso reflects the emptiness, fickleness and non existence in the heart 网红为吸粉直播捅马蜂窝 被蛰进重症监护室–人民网海南视窗–人民网   蒋波躺在医院   走红的主播都能在屏幕上吹拉弹唱或搔首弄姿?错!为了吸粉,有人会干出疯狂的事。日前,大足区一名29岁小伙子为了让直播更火,冒险去捅马蜂窝。   蒋波做直播3个多月,在网上小有名气。前几天,他的朋友钓鱼被马蜂蜇了,别人听到还有些担心,蒋波却是感觉眼前一亮:做个捅马蜂窝的直播剧,第一集直播捅马蜂窝,第二集直播吃蜂蛹。   10月4日晚,蒋波等6人花500元租了一台吊车来到马蜂窝树下。他戴上摩托车头盔,披上雨衣,站在吊车上来到30米高树头。直播不一会儿,同伴就听蒋波大喊:“快放我下去,遭不住了。”   吊车放下,蒋波已经陷入昏迷,赶紧送进附近医院。经检查,马蜂从裤脚进入,在蒋波身上叮了37处伤口。随后,蒋波转入重症监护室。   昨日,蒋波的朋友尹柱军透露,蒋波仍在重症监护室,治疗费已上万元。蒋波的直播账号经营3个多月,和3个朋友合作,每个月赚3000多元。当晚出事原因主要有3点:天色较暗,马蜂窝位置太高,无专业防护装备。   重庆市肿瘤医院综合科主任王胜强表示,入秋以来多家医院收治被马蜂蜇伤的患者。被蜜蜂蜇伤可用弱碱性溶液(如3%氨水、2~3%碳酸氢钠、肥皂水、淡石灰水等)冲洗,外敷以中和酸性毒素。被黄蜂蜇伤用弱酸性溶液(如醋、0.1%稀盐酸等)中和。用小针挑拔或胶布粘贴,取出蜂刺,不要挤压。症状严重赶快送医院。   重庆晚报记者查看蒋波的直播账号发现,蒋波此前就做过好几次取马蜂窝的直播,已有1.5万粉丝。蒋波出事这段视频,已有1.1万观看量。   网红小柳岩:   如此吸粉不可取   多次做客重庆一分钟直播平台、签约4家网络直播平台的网红小柳岩,非常不赞同伤害自己的直播方式。   小柳岩表示,直播火爆,门槛低,新入行主播首先要考虑自己的底线,在直播过程中树立自己风格,既吸粉又要避免走上极端。   心理专家:   恶搞是一种畸形心态   重庆协和心理顾问事务所所长谭刚强表示,部分人想拼命获取颠覆式创新冲动的存在快感,还有部分人利用恶搞获取公众特别关注力。恶搞风气愈演愈烈,主要是利用现代人急需减压的心态,借恶作剧的快感达到舒缓。恶搞大多在网络进行,网络门槛很低,常出现一夜成名现象,能帮部分人实现一种虚幻的满足。   谭刚强认为,选择恶搞方式,反映内心优先存在的空虚、浮躁和非理性。然而,现代民主社会最看重的社会伦理、道德和法律行事框架。个人无论采取哪种方式宣泄和娱乐,都不能侵害社会大多数良俗行为需求,尤其不能违背社会伦理、道德和法律。 (责编:卢少雄、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: