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R & F will sign in a guard contract renatinho again cited foreign aid – Star Sports Sohu yesterday, in the twenty-sixth round, Guangzhou bodied with tie Harvey and Ji’an. The goal, with 2 to 0 victory over Henan Jianye in the Yuexiu mountain stadium, get first win in September. Decimating the array of young players to get the opportunity to play and excellent performance, after the game to get the coach Stojkovic affirmed. Four tigers: victory for Yang Chaosheng in the game, Fuli defender Zhang Yaokun and foreign aid Svensson were injured, Jiang Zhipeng did not enter the list of 18 people, two young players Zhang Chenlong and Huang Zhengyu starting. In the game, Ceng Chao and Ye Chugui has often favor, substitute. Henan Jianye array Guangdong player Yin Hongbo as captain. Jianye and decimating, relegation worries, AFC Champions League basically hopeless, training young players is the main task of the rest of the league. After Jianye coach Jia Xiuquan said: "we must give young players the opportunity to exercise his, let him go to the game, let him suffer. For example, the defender, after a loss of two times, the third time to know how to do. I believe that through exercise, the team will be better year after year." It also suits the current R & D ideas. Stojkovic said after the game: "very happy to see the young players in the field of spirit, Fiat, Ceng Chao, Ye Chugui, Chang Zhang Chenlong and Huang Zhengyu’s new gun, I promise to give young players a chance, but also to fulfill the commitment, I believe the team’s supporters is also very happy to see the young players to play the game." There are people on the pitch, some people can only recuperate. The last round of the league, Guangzhou Hengda has been on loan to Wuhan zall Guangdong player Yang Chaosheng unfortunate injuries. The round before the game, Yang Chaosheng and the same for the 1993 Guangdong players, Ceng Chao and Zhang Chenlong often favor, Ye Chugui and other more than and 10 people to go to the hospital to visit Yang ultrasound. Yesterday after decimating win, the 4 have said they would give the victory to Yang Chaosheng. Adams handsome gentleman won praise in Guangzhou bodied home court stopped declining this victory, allowing the team to stay in the league and the top 8. But as a live game, the game appeared in a very harmonious scene. The end of the game, Jianye team Gu Cao put a loose ball to Stojkovic on the sidelines of the heavy shot. Fortunately, Stojkovic dodge in time, otherwise it will be "headshot". Decimating the group of coaches and players to find Gu Cao theory, but stopped by Stojkovic, he also is a gentleman to ask Gu Cao and good, but Gu Cao arrogance, ignoring the good faith. Even the referee Ma Ning also came to warn Gu Cao, let him pay attention to your behavior. After the game, R & f foreign aid Zahavi said: This is not a professional, do not respect the opponent, do not respect the game, the game has a live television, so the impact on children is not good." Jia Xiuquan said after the game, it is not clear that Gu Cao is not intentional, if it is, it is necessary to attend punishment. But he believes that Gu Cao was clear and enmity, "don’t China football violence, but the lack of passion." Jia Xiuquan said. After Stojkovic also talked about this scene, he teasingly said: "the moment I feel may catch the ball like a goalkeeper.相关的主题文章: