Quanzhou Yongchun 871 year old middle east off the bridge bridge 20 meters were destroyed-yuanjiao

Quanzhou Yongchun 871 year old middle east off the bridge bridge 20 meters were washed away wash away. Just in the middle Taiwan network September 16th hearing (Haidu reporter Wu Yuefang Tian meters Figure)   "Chuihong recumbent, red lacquer Ying Liang, and communicated with the fairyland……" The previous write "Dongguan Bridge Fu", many words of praise for her. The 871 year old Yongchun Dongguan bridge, people accustomed to her company, but yesterday about 10:30 in the morning, the strong typhoon "Meranti" brought David Cameron damaged bridges in the middle 20 meters. Dongguan bridge readme: I stand in Dongguan Yongchun Zhen Dong Mei Cun Hu Yang Xi, was 871 years old. The Southern Song Dynasty Shaoxing fifteen years (1145) when people built me, at first no gallery houses during the Ming Dynasty, before the formation of bridges. The repeated repair whole to maintain the original style, just under the bridge 4 granite stone boat pier has been put in the song dynasty. I get my name because of the place names, and they are famous for me. There is no one who does not know me, even the various experts and scholars to study the design, they call me the first gallery in the south". March 1991 was announced as a key cultural relics protection units in Fujian. However, just yesterday about 10:30 in the morning, the typhoon "Meranti" brought fresh blast of rain on me more than 20 meters of the bridge deck section of wood was destroyed, the water washed away. Yesterday, the Yongchun County Bureau of sports, museums and other units of staff arrived at the first time for my physical examination". Fortunately, the oldest piers are, Yongchun will organize experts as soon as possible guidance and demonstration, as soon as possible the introduction of the revised design submitted to the Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, to be submitted to the Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau for approval after repair. After a period of time, maybe you can see my health. Quanzhou ancient architecture expert Yao Hongfeng introduction, Quanzhou Dongguan bridge construction technique for beam bridge, arch bridge construction techniques than simple, many years ago, he participated in the East Gate bridge pier reinforcement project. In fact, two kinds of bridge repair techniques are not too difficult, so damaged although unfortunately, but not do anything.相关的主题文章: