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"Qing jade beads" wood exhibition in the Heilongjiang Provincial Museum – Heilongjiang Channel – people.com.cn people.com.cn Harbin in September 30, the Heilongjiang Provincial Museum, the "star of the month" series of brand exhibition, all-round, multi angle to show a piece of precious collection, praised by all the audience. In September 30th, the "star of the month" series exhibition eighty-five "small beads hierarchical — clear wood jade beads" the opening ceremony of the exhibition held at the museum in Heilongjiang province. The necklace is unique on the robes wearing beads, hanging on the neck hanging in front, because it is derived from the Buddhist "beads", so the shape of a monk chest hanging beads. The late Shunzhi beads as a dress accessories to wear formal. Heilongjiang Provincial Museum of essence — one of the cultural relics collection clear wood jade beads, with 108 wooden beads, beads to wear green 4 beads, beads and upper jade gourd is Buddha tower head komidori. With 3 strings of beads consisting of glass beads pendants, each string pendants are respectively 10 and 1 fall angle beads. Chaozhu usually consists of body, head, back, falling, cloud, to commemorate the falling angle of six parts. Each string of beads beads have strict rules for number 108, on behalf of the 12 months, 24, 72 solar term Hou, reportedly will be 108 as a symbol of Buddha buddhism. Chaozhu every 27 beads with a "head" to "head" interval, a total of 4 teeth, 108 teeth had just four points, it is also known as "Pearl", symbolizing the four seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter. The Buddha beads on the top of the head, put together a "Pyramid Head tower", the way for perforation of the inverted "T" shape, the top of the tower head with a broad ribbon with a large stone pendant, pendant is also hanging a precious stone, called "back cloud" that means "a Yuan return"; both sides of gourd shaped tower Buddha head and three string of small beads, while on the other side of a string, two string, each string of 10 grains, at the end of each bead useful Silver Enamel wrapped small angle falling stones, known as the "memorial", 3 on "memory" said a month, three year, the sum of 30 days. According to the "Qing Hui Dian Li Bu? Four? Yi Qing Dynasty division" records, the emperor, empress Wupin, military attache to civilian military department, more than four products, the Ministry of rites, the imperial guards, and too often temple, Paul temple, Honglu temple and the officer, and the officer 5 Fu, can wear beads etiquette, after not wearing, general officials and people can not wear. When the man wearing two strings in the left string on the right, the two string in a string of female right on the left, the two can not be reversed. To wear what the texture of the beads, there are provisions strictly distinguish and grade. "Star of the month" brand series of exhibitions as a solid platform for the dissemination of traditional culture, not only shortened the distance between the museum and the audience, to promote understanding and interaction between audience and Museum, but also enhance the museum collection, display and carry out the overall level of social education. (Jiao Yang, Song Tianning) to (commissioning editor Zou Hui and Ding Yang)

《清木质玉石朝珠》特展在黑龙江省博物馆展出–黑龙江频道–人民网 人民网哈尔滨9月30日电 黑龙江省博物馆的“每月一星”系列品牌展览,全方位、多角度地展现一件件珍贵的馆藏精品,深受各界观众好评。9月30日,“每月一星”系列展览之八十五《小小朝珠 等级森严――清木质玉石朝珠》特展开幕式在黑龙江省博物馆举行。 朝珠是清代独有的朝服上的佩戴珠串,挂在颈项垂于胸前,因其是从佛教的“念珠”衍化而来,故而形状如同和尚胸前挂的念珠。顺治朝后期朝珠正式作为礼服的配饰进行佩戴。 黑龙江省博物馆馆藏精粹之一――馆藏文物清木质玉石朝珠,由108颗木质珠穿成,珠串中穿有翠珠4个,上端翠珠与小翠葫芦相连成佛头塔。朝珠上附有3串玻璃珠组成的记捻,每串记捻分别有10颗珠及1个坠角。 朝珠通常由身子、佛头、背云、纪念、大坠、坠角六部分组成。每串朝珠的珠数都严格规定为108颗,代表了12个月、24节气、72侯,另据称佛教将108作为佛的象征。朝珠每隔27颗珠子夹入一颗“佛头”加以间隔,“佛头”共有4颗,正好将108颗朝珠四分,故也称之为“分珠”,象征着春、夏、秋、冬四季。朝珠顶部的那颗佛头上,连缀一塔形“佛头塔”,其穿孔的方式为倒置的“T”字形,佛头塔的顶端用阔丝带系缀有一块宝石大坠子,大坠上端还垂有一块宝石,称之为“背云”,寓意着“一元复始”;葫芦状佛头塔的两侧又有三串小珠串,一边一串,另一边两串,每串10粒,珠串的末端各有用银丝珐琅裹着宝石的小坠角,称为“纪念”,3串“纪念”表示一个月里的上、中、下三旬,总和为30天。 根据《清会典?礼部四?仪制清吏司》记载,自皇帝、后妃到文官五品、武官四品以上,军机处、侍卫、礼部、国子监、太常寺、光禄寺、鸿胪寺等所属官,以及五品官命妇以上,皆可配挂朝珠,礼仪结束后不准佩戴,一般官员和百姓不能随意佩带。佩戴时男的两串在左一串在右,女的两串在右一串在左,两者不能颠倒。对于佩带何种质地的朝珠,也有严格的区分和等级规定。 “每月一星”品牌系列展览作为传播传统文化的坚实平台,不仅拉近了博物馆与观众之间的距离,促进观众与博物馆的了解与互动,又提升了博物馆收藏、展示和开展社会教育的总体水平。(焦洋、宋天宁) 分享到: (责编:邹慧、丁洋)相关的主题文章: