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Qin Kai sun self red bag wedding room was exposed Qiangjing almost a good thing? What position the sun shine sports + Tan Yanjianan reporters also remember that a couple do Rio summer dog abuse? Bingo, Hezi & Qin Kai. Mr. Qin in the Rio Olympic Games in public proposal, holding the beauty, the prince and the princess happy together. The CP also moved the world overnight explosion of red, popularity soared, become a major program, various activities of the meat and potatoes, of course, a sweet couple where they did not forget to sprinkle food. The fans in a bowl and silently eating a bowl of food at the same time, also do not forget to worry for two people, "what time to get married?" Local time on August 14th, the Rio Olympic Games women’s diving 3 meters board finals, he posture, such as the general four years ago, and harvest a silver medal. For her, it wasn’t the best result, but after the game she was given a special gift. The night before the ceremony, Qin Kai suddenly appeared on the edge of the pool, a diamond ring, Maria · lunk water project center boiling, all over the world to read: Qin Kai to propose to what posture. So, in the eyes of the people, in the "marry him, marry him" the collective Symphony sound, Qin Kai knelt down: "I hope that in front of the whole world, brave to stand up, to marry you, hoping to get the blessing of the world: love you, let the whole world know! In order to love, I must not miss this opportunity, for love, crazy once!" What posture accepted the proposal ring Qin Kai, smile with tears…… In November 15th, the first national football match of the new coach Lippi led the team started in spring in Kunming, and the same day the Qin Kai in the circle of friends to upload a picture, and with the text: "not easy". From the picture, Qin Kai stood in a room just completed renovation, the house facilities are protected by a very good cover film, but not far away a bright red female bag into the picture of the biggest bright spot. It seems that in addition to Qin Kai, who is also the owner of the house. Qin Kai text a, immediately attracted the attention of buddies, speculation that the two people in the pack just finished renovation of the marriage room, Mr. Qin reply name of Tai Chi, and the hostess Hezi quipped: "now also with the beauty of the camera." It seems that this move to the world of CP good thing almost. Here is a look at Qin Kai & Japan Hezi in Shanghai before Disney’s sweet embrace! The new campus sports sports + forces and influential man contest has started, welcome to download sports + entries more exciting, please pay attention to sports +APP相关的主题文章: