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Qigihar Shi "prescription" of "illness"   at the end of the 121 thousand people out of poverty — Heilongjiang channel — people.com.cn Fuyu County dairy articles to help people out of poverty to start. Yang Haiquan, Qigihar, October (Xinhua) – Heilongjiang () Qigihar is the focus of poor areas in the city, the city has 310 poor villages, a total of 256 thousand people with a poor population of. How to win the fight against poverty? The application of the "prescription" of "illness", plans to the end of 2016 to achieve 114 poor villages, 121 thousand people out of poverty; at the end of 2017 and Nehe Meilisi out of poverty, Ian, Keshan provincial and impoverished county poverty Zhaimao Zhaimao, destitute area Kedong County, 131 poor villages, 81 thousand people out of poverty; at the end of 2018 poverty-stricken population out of poverty and all the poor counties hat. A special focus on contiguous area is the main battlefield of the new era of poverty alleviation. Fuyu County of Heilongjiang Province in 2011 was identified as the national level Xingan south of the Five Ridges Lu poor film counties, although enjoying the many national and provincial poverty alleviation policies, but they rely on, make full use of their own resources, the development of the tourism industry as an important starting point for precise poverty, poor people rely on wetland scenery, off "poor hat". Fuyu County of Heilongjiang provincial Party committee in accordance with the "three first" project, determined to win the battle of precise poverty, poverty alleviation and new tourism innovation mode, the integration of the development of the tourism industry and precise poverty alleviation, the river village, East Village and Kazakhstan five Village Industrial poverty alleviation funds, tourism poverty alleviation project funds bundling. Cooperate with the Dragon manor building, formation of "leading enterprise + cooperative + poor" operation mode, establish the scientific benefit assignment mechanism, according to the 10% at the end of each village year dividends, profit 200 thousand yuan. At the same time the placement of poor farmers 300 people, the annual income of nearly $6 million migrant workers. In addition to playing a good brand of tourism, relying on the advantages of resources, but also to start a rich dairy cow. Animal husbandry standardization scale breeding base is a total investment of 1 billion 200 million yuan project. Base? Hin animal husbandry industry integration projects, play a benefit two times special poverty relief funds, the integration of special relief funds 21 million yuan, in cooperation with the Bank of Longjiang, at an annual interest rate of 8% investment? Xin animal husbandry, by the Bank of Longjiang is responsible for the supervision of mortgage funds, to ensure poverty alleviation funds zero risk, high income, at the end of 9 will be 1 million 680 thousand yuan dividends paid to the prosperity of Xiang Xiang FA Cun Xin Li Cun, construction of village, town, Ya Zhou Cun Zhong Hou Xiang Cun, Long’an, Qingsheng pellson village 6 poor villages, to 1190 poor households, 3258 people, the average household income 1129 yuan. After the first phase of the project put into operation, can provide 200 jobs directly, and indirectly led to the employment of 500 people, net profit of about $62 million. Kedong County Poverty Alleviation Office Director of the county poverty alleviation situation. Yang Haiquan photo Kedong County is located in North Central Heilongjiang Province, is a provincial and impoverished county, county area. By the end of 2016, to complete the 20 villages in rural poverty alleviation of poverty in 29976, the end of 2017 to complete the eradication of poverty of 12359…… To this end, Kedong County established a county leader, government officers)相关的主题文章: