PS VR sale will be announced on the eve of the 80 SONY game preheat – Sohu digital-jodie foster

PS VR on sale soon SONY announced 80 games pre – Sohu digital foreign media have recently got ahead of PS  VR, then the author said they found two prominent features: one is the PS4 in the performance is not comparable to high-end PC driven by Oculus  and HTC  Rift; Vive; two is SONY make up for these defects. Before the game has been out of a complete list of applications and games, and now SONY officially announced a complete list of nearly 80 models will be in October 13th or shortly after landing PS  VR. Almost half of these will be released in October 13th and the other half in the Q4 quarter of 2016. In October 13th the shelves of the game include "Batman:   Arkham  VR", "EVE: Val Jiri", "RIGS" and "PlayStation  VR  Worlds". During the Christmas holiday and the launch of the game include "Moto ", "4; Racer  Psychonauts  in  the  Rhombus  of  Ruin" and "free Star  Wars  Battlefront  Rogue  One:  X-wing  VR& nbsp Mission;". In addition, the author also learned that there are some games postponed to the first quarter of next year, such as "Golem" and "Myst-esque  XING:  The  Beyond; Land ". In addition, there is no game content, such as the interactive film "Hawke," dubbed by Ethan, Invasion, but less in this area. Nearly 80 items are very impressive, but their length and depth are not the same. Like "Tomb  Raider:  Blood  Ties" is a brief VR experience. And some other content can not even play games through PSVR, such as "World  War  Toons" and "XING". Even so, but SONY provides enough content for players to explore. Do not know which game to buy it? SONY will be presented with the PSVR most popular game demo demo.相关的主题文章: