Proofreading girl Satomi Ishihara hand to teach you workplace Mousika

"Proof girl" Satomi Ishihara taught your career Mousika makeup lead: light is the first episode of Satomi Ishihara for the 8 other! Her dress is a hot topic. However, compared to the ten yuan to wear a ride, whenever there is a close-up, the small series have to sigh, ten yuan skin is very good ah!" Where is the proof girl! Satomi Ishihara’s personal beauty show! (source: PClady) "proofreading girl Kawano Etsuko" speaking of Satomi Ishihara, everyone Chongni called her "goblin", her exquisite performance gain a lot of praise, she recently have new file! Ten yuan in the new girl "proofreading girl Kawano Etsuko", from the beginning to the end of the United States, "ten yuan" style beauty makeup and dress collocation guide will be on the line as you soon learn together wit ~ up, after my mother don’t have to worry about my work to eat lotus root thin blue! Satomi Ishihara starred in the Japanese TV drama "great plain! Proofreading girl Kawano Etsuko "on the October 5th broadcast of the first episode, Satomi Ishihara played Kawano Etsuko’s original ambition was to become a fashion editor, he was assigned to the proofreading Department obscure, but she was not so depressed depressed, but found the proofreading charm, also with the enthusiasm of infected people around. On the first day of the broadcast ratings have reached 12.9%. Ten yuan sister is really a box office guarantee! Kawano Etsuko, a girl who plays the role of the girl, played by Kawano Etsuko, in front of the public stadium, was struck by an unknown handsome guy and fell in love with each other at first sight, what? The Kanda Masa actor Kanda Masa plays 95 little meat or you know? Although the owner of the handsome men who are less than get, but fortunately ten yuan in the fashion firepower, look at each other’s eyes is the capital of the fans sister, ah, the word two! Satomi Ishihara wanted to enter the fashion magazine editor of the Press Department of the girl Kawano Etsuko after several times after the interview, finally entered the dream of the press became the official staff, lovely Yue son with his own energy everyone infected with. While the ten yuan woman himself is that as long as a smile, you deserve all the best girl, eyeful is her smile ~ "Satomi Ishihara Ishihara Satomisakishiki", "makeup" collocation, let the hearts of countless girls, said this autumn belongs to Satomi Ishihara is also not too much! Eat melon to attract the audience is not only a wonderful story, and Yue son guards spirit beauty, do good in the end, it will teach you how to get ten yuan with a new workplace class makeup. Go to work to go to work to look at the makeup makeup Dai Yuanyuan glasses look like Meng became a Arale, this is the way we look at the work of the day! Because the reason for wearing glasses, eyelashes too long to sweep to the lens, you can change into a middle length, the overall Alice eyelashes, to solve the trouble at the same time, but also the eyes are very round very cute. Hey, this is a little hit the face of Zhang Tian’ai ah! Another magic Satomi Ishihara Satomi Ishihara, is a sweet blush ~ actually Japanese makeup so deep that unlike Europe and America as contour and shadow effects, they pay more attention to the strength, choose a shy pink blush cream, gently and risorius circle cheekbones.相关的主题文章: