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Private family from private banks there snatch family wealth management cake recently, Shenzhen equity investment platform of public investment state received a strategic investment family asset management institutions Hanjing family office. Jing Han family office scene a president became the State Board of investment, the family assets and equity financing of the integration of the Internet, has opened up a "new model of family capital + financial innovation service". In fact, how to advance and effectively carry out the planning of family wealth inheritance, has been more and more attention to China’s rich. In addition to equity investment institutions, private institutions also have a look at this piece of blue ocean". Daily economic news reporter noted that the China Securities Investment Fund Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the China Association) open record fund information, there have been a number of direct family wealth and other private equity funds in the name of. The geographical distribution is mainly from the north to the deep. In the 8 family private placement, Shenzhen accounted for 3. The 8 private placement in almost the second half of last year was established. So, what is the family private placement? China’s high net worth population in the family wealth management needs change? What are the opportunities and challenges for the development of family private placement? As a private doctor to protect family wealth "health" in some foreign movies and TV, we often see such a scene: a group of bankers, accountants and lawyers team, specialized employment service to a billionaire family, for the care of investment, tax avoidance, charity, wealth inheritance, children’s education, heritage a series of family and business matters, they become a member of the family housekeeper from professional. This is the family office (Family Office). The office for the family with wealth or status of the powerful family, like private doctors as important. It is understood that family offices are usually composed of experience financial advisers, lawyers, accountants, investment managers, securities brokerage, insurance brokerage, banking, trust and other rich fields of expertise. Shenzhen local private line network also set up a family office management information company researcher Dai Lin introduction, family office operations span of time is usually better than traditional institutional investors longer, it is not only a person’s life, and several generations of a family. Family offices in terms of asset allocation flexibility is relatively large, so the family office is considered a relatively long-term investment strategy, rather than the pursuit of short-term value. What kind of customer service is the family office? Reporters learned that the threshold for private banking customers usually have $1 million or more than 10 million yuan of liquidity, and to obtain the family office services on top of this, personal or family financial assets are generally not less than $100 million. The number of clients in a private bank account manager is generally 20 to 60, while the family office service is a single or multiple family. In addition, private banks focus on the promotion of trading products, the family focused on a family or multi family to provide multi service, personalized choice. Therefore, the private offering of investment strategies can be more yuan, such as raised only to do stocks, bonds, and private equity can also do CTA. Private can provide customers with more abundant.相关的主题文章: