Private car owners can detect Jinglu car pollution will effectively reduce the air pollution in Beij k9084

Private car owners can detect Jinglu car pollution will effectively reduce the air pollution – Beijing newspaper Beijing news reporter Qie Jianrong in September 11th by the environmental protection departments do atmospheric pollution analysis confirmed that the primary reason including Beijing, some big city motor vehicle pollution has become air pollution. Recently, a new vehicle exhaust detection method that cloud detection will be in Beijing, Shandong and other places to open to private owners. Experts believe that this detection method can effectively control and reduce air pollution. The implementation of vehicle "cloud detection" refers to the operation and management, and explore the use of government purchase of social services in the new mode of operation and supervision of the scientific development of motor vehicle pollution, motor vehicle pollution control policies and regulations and technical standards, strengthen the management of motor vehicle exhaust testing, promote the motor vehicle emission standards, accelerate the elimination of high polluting vehicles, effectively improve the atmospheric haze of governance the environmental quality of the city, has the extremely vital significance, can implement unified logo management, provide a scientific basis for the government to make relevant policies. The main face of private car owners "CIC drive road vehicle examination on the use of cloud detection technology, its emphasis on motor vehicle emissions testing as a routine testing project, keep abreast of vehicle exhaust emissions, to achieve the purpose of the total control of air pollution. At the same time, it is considered to be designed for the detection of car examination is the main market position of the third party, through the use of the Internet and publish the real-time monitoring of motor vehicle exhaust emissions data, to undertake large and medium-sized city vehicle emissions "supervisor". According to experts, compared with the mandatory provisions of the "vehicle inspection, vehicle daily inspection is also very important, but because of some 4S shop testing project is limited to the brake pads and other simple test items, and for the professional testing items such as engine without. At the same time, we are concerned about the problem of air pollution inside the car is often ignored, and will be launched in Beijing, Shandong and other places, CIC driving car examination is concerned about the problem of air pollution inside the car. Experts said that the motor vehicle emission standards, will not only pollute the atmosphere, but also reflects the car there may be security risks, "is likely to be the vehicle engine and the related parts of a fault, serious will affect the safety of vehicle operation and increase fuel consumption, maintenance needs as soon as possible." Yan Ziqing, chairman of the board of directors of the Zhongguancun air pollution prevention and control alliance, said: in fact, the physical examination of the vehicle in the future of motor vehicle testing, maintenance and even the production of the car, may play a very important role in support. CIC vehicle examination project leader Ma Liang said, the car examination can help private owners understand the car’s health status, change the owner by driving and maintenance of vehicles and kilometers life habits, to guide the owners maintenance according to the actual situation of the vehicle, to decide the maintenance, saving maintenance costs.相关的主题文章: