Pregnant women more and more around the supermarket belly when unloading was arrested – Sohu news kimi wo omou melodi

Pregnant belly big supermarket more stroll more discharge caught – Sohu news reporter Li Lan correspondent Hao Beibei Washington in September 13th, Xinmi citizens Ms. Zhang et al in the supermarket parking lot West Street before the door, saw three big belly pregnant out of the supermarket, came to a roadside before the car, quickly dress things out in the car, suddenly the belly is flat. After receiving the alarm, Xinmi police quickly attack, the spot will just steal from other pregnant women posing as a supermarket, 3 women and a driving accomplices arrested and from 3 women who found more than and 150 boxes of gum and two cans of milk?. September 13th at 12 am, Xinmi City Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation squadron received the alarm, said a few woman suspected of stealing in the supermarket. Police rushed to the scene, the suspect has been transferred to the home of the World supermarket in Changle Road. Zhang and other police arrived at the door of the World supermarket, I saw three about 40 years old pregnant woman, came out from the supermarket with a big belly, went to a car next to prepare for unloading". Guard on the side of the police on the spot will be three fake pregnant women and a man arrested for driving. After interrogation, the four suspects from Xinyang County, Gushi. Previously, they had been dealt with by the police in Xinzheng. In September 13th, four people after the plot, drove from Zhengzhou, came to Xinmi. 3 women dressed in loose maternity clothes into the supermarket to steal out of the stomach, filled with something bigger. September 14th morning, three pregnant women and as a driver of the accomplices, the Xinmi Municipal Public Security Bureau of criminal detention.相关的主题文章: