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Pregnant women get angry have an impact on the fetus? What pregnant women eat fast fire? – Sohu mother Ms. fan has now reproduced case 6 and a half months pregnant, the family elders say this is an important period of nutrition, every day to eat a lot of delicious dishes Ms. fan. But Ms. fan recently always lit, and dry itchy swollen gums, throat, stool is not very smooth symptoms, Ms. fan so confused, what to do. Mother cooked dishes and can not eat, eat yourself and always get angry, what effect this has on the baby? Under fire, eat what good? What to eat baby no harm? Expert opinion because maternal blood circulation increases, coupled with the hot weather, and often eat high calorie food, lead to fire is filled, the symptoms of fire is not surprising. But the frequent fire, easily lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction, affect the health of pregnant women and fetal development, and easily affect the mother’s emotions, anxiety, insomnia and other causes. Pregnant women should not be self medication fire class, especially fire medicine containing Coptis, bezoar and other ingredients, these drugs may affect the fetus. Pregnant women can change the way of life, especially eating habits to avoid getting angry. Choose clear fire cool food can be 1 in the diet, such as bitter gourd, tomatoes, celery, lotus seeds, mung bean soup, and pitaya, Sydney, grapes, watermelon and other fruits, these foods can be Qingrejiedu, thirst, refreshing diuretic emollient effect, to help pregnant women spend the summer is very helpful. 2 eat more meals every day, at the same time must drink plenty of boiled water, to the body to make up the water, instead of drinks instead. Finally, try to avoid fried, spicy and non digestible food, food and other high calorie beef and mutton. 3 pregnant women should pay attention to rest, to improve the quality of sleep, stay calm and avoid daxitaibei, impatient melancholy. Pregnant women get angry what fruit to eat? Eat 1 to 2 root cucumber cucumber every day, it can greatly assist the fire, and olive green tea, to help the fire is. Pitaya is rich in minerals: calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, zinc and other elements, it is good for pregnant women to get angry. Whether it is cold, bitter melon stir fry or soup, as long as doing cooked bitter gourd and does not lose the "green", "to achieve the goal of" objective. Pear heat effect recognized, put the pear slices into the boiling water, a little salt, after boiling out, the pears and the soup to drink, with fire, heat, detoxification. Strawberry strawberry is not only delicious, but also medicinal value. They think in TCM, strawberry is "fire" effect, can Qingshu, antipyretic chufan. Pregnant women get angry when you can eat some, of course, not too much. Pregnant woman lit what to eat porridge 1, lily, medlar, pork porridge material: Lily 20 grams -30 grams, medlar, 10 grams, minced pork and rice. Practice: first cook rice porridge, and then into the lily, medlar, pork, diced cooked together until cooked. 2, wolfberry hu.相关的主题文章: