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Lenovo bet modular innovation Moto can embark on the road to recovery? Modular Sohu Google technology modular and Lenovo, the similarity between the two is that they are Motorola’s intellectual heritage, but the products are not the same, the difference is the Department of homologous "canon" and "evil sword spectrum"…… Lenovo September 6th released two Moto Z a series of new products in the line version — the world’s thinnest flagship intelligent mobile phone Moto Z Moto Z Play and long battery life, and collocation replaceable intelligent module friction eye – ZOOM, TRUE HASSELBLAD Hasselblad camera module -JBL module, audio speaker friction friction – projection module, friction power battery module the friction and fan back shell module also appeared together. Moto Z had already appeared in the United States, there are many domestic media reports, Taobao and even the sea Amoy smuggled goods inflows, but for the majority of consumers, and even some of the media, the real close understanding of Moto or Z through this conference. In Beijing, the famous 798 Art District, Lenovo Moto Z into its recent most grand scale a new conference, not only the Lenovo Group Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing, senior vice president of Lenovo Group, mobile business group co President Chen Xudong, vice president of Lenovo Group, the chief customer experience officer Chang Cheng attended a speech on the stage and 500, media, partners and fans are invited for the country attended. But the key is, Yang Yuanqing of Moto Z gives a rare high evaluation, he said, "Moto Z is a leading industry change, re definition of intelligent mobile phone products, but also the acquisition of Lenovo Moto after one of the most representative products." Yang Yuanqing even mentioned the revival of Motorola, a famous historical brand. Moto is the originator of the mobile phone industry, then because of the emergence of strategic mistakes in intelligent mobile phone era and decline, and two years ago was Lenovo in the bag. Lenovo put a lot of effort into the integration of Motorola’s Lenovo system, Yang Yuanqing also mentioned on many occasions Lenovo can get through the acquisition of Motorola, including brands, patents, channels, talent, etc.. The release of the Moto Z, Yang Yuanqing special mention of the Moto in the hands of the Renaissance and the king back. At the beginning of the conference, Chen Xudong also took a long time to recall the glorious history of Motorola, it should be considered that Moto Z deserve these glory Motorola. So Moto Z in the end is what kind of product? This is probably from the two dimensions to talk clearly, it is a modular mobile phone; secondly, it is not a kind of modular mobile phone that we can imagine, but Lenovo modular transformation or innovation of the mobile phone. As everyone knows, the modular mobile phone Project Ara Google touted, it recently suspended the project, but the modular mobile phone via Moto Z in developing the lenovo. The similarities between the two is that they are derived from Motorola phones.相关的主题文章: