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The kettle for tea: tea is a live woman   pot is a man, painting and calligraphy — people.com.cn Cai Zhongnan in the cave with his burning taste of the flavor of tea tea tea Ma Yiqun love, this love tea. A chance to visit by Hanhai held "Taiwan tea" auction preview, made a few Taiwan tea. "Tea is the water, the pot is the fire, the tea is the woman, the pot is the man". When I met Cai Zhongnan, a ceramic artist from Taiwan, he said to me meaningfully. Once heard Taiwan painter Wang Sanqing mentioned, Taiwan has a ceramic artist Cai Zhongnan, the pot a little better than Yixing, even better than the best. With Cai Zhongnan’s new pot of tea, not only taste is very sweet and earthy. Mr. Wang told me that a teacher Cai family in the mountains in the cave, Cliff House he had built, no matter how under the heavy rain outside, the cave will not fall a drop of water. Tsai young because love tea, bought a lot of Yixing master tea pot, but are not satisfied, so he began to do their own pot. He gave up the comfortable life in the city, the mountains do pot for thirty years. For soil, batching, kiln, repeated tests, and finally made the satisfactory tea. I understand that Mr. Cai Zhongnan’s legendary experience, in the face of peace and Tsai, could not help but respect. He used the teapot seemingly very ordinary, no complicated process, no colorful mud color. Cai teacher according to the formula with different soil in different sintering temperature, made of a variety of different styles of tea, tea is the most perfect present meaning. With CAI’s words, pay attention to tea. Then, because you want to pay attention to the point, Cai teacher take into the best years of life, make the appearance is not very sophisticated, but very good to drink tea pot. The teacher took the CAI to pass the cup, I asked him a question, Yixing has so many skilled craftsmen making exquisite shape of the pot, how not a bed of roses? Cai smiled and did not language. Later, the topic turned to the search for the experience of the earth, he spoke of the hardships, a risk, in the mouth of the volcano to find the volcanic ash for many years. With all kinds of dirt mixed with a suitable pot, finally the mud. When it comes to kiln, Mr. Cai asked me how many people now understand the potters ingredients, how many people will be fired? In fact, a good pot, from material selection, molding to the kiln, all processes are related. I understand that every teacher Cai kiln only burn a pot, because the kiln firing in the kiln, the best location is only a. With the best, the best mud kiln bit, best kiln temperature, can burn out the best pot. When it comes to the kiln temperature, reminds me of a special collection of old teapot collectors Mr. Zhou mentions many masters of the tea pot why not drink, the reason is to ensure high yield, to avoid damage, normal to low temperature furnace. As a result, the master of the pot into cooked rice, tea earthy, useless. Mr. Zhou said figuratively, Steamed Rice stew is the best food with GABA, but this risk, if slightly over rice paste. The pot of the master is used for watching相关的主题文章: