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Postpartum recovery | on postpartum weight loss, three things that can never be Sohu health postpartum, two things: take the baby and slimming. After childbirth, weight loss and baby, is the mother had to do one thing. When pregnant, it is sure to keep the body plump. After childbirth, we have to start thinking about how to restore the slim figure before. Look at the waist on a circle of fat, I was really sad from the heart. If it weren’t for the little guy in my arms, I’d be so fat! However, you have now come out, your mother is also going to start my weight-loss industry. In slimming this matter, mothers still need to "steady win", don’t make a buck. Some thin "misunderstanding", do not step in. Anxious to thin the birth of the mother, the body is still relatively weak, this time need to take a good rest, conditioning the body, is not suitable for weight loss. Moreover, in the feeding of the baby during this period, the mother’s weight will naturally decline, to a large extent, the baby is hard to feed. When the body is almost the same time, you can gradually thin. This time the fat is still in the free state, easier to cut down. At least one and a half months after childbirth, is not suitable for slimming. Dieting dieting, is not a good choice, especially for new moms. After the birth of the baby, the mother needs to burden themselves and the baby two people to supplement the work of nutrition. Once the nutrition can not keep up, it is easy to lead to the occurrence of a variety of "sequelae". Mothers can consider more intake of some high protein, high nutrition food, and pay attention to meat collocation, ensure the nutritional needs of yourself and your baby. To ensure nutrition, better "slimming"! Strenuous exercise exercise is the best way to lose weight, but it is dangerous for new mothers "". Strenuous exercise can slow down the recovery of the uterus, and may even cause uterine bleeding, infection and other symptoms. New mothers in the beginning, should first do some simple movements, such as stretching, simple yoga etc.. Wait until the body is fully restored, and then a slightly larger intensity of the action. Postpartum downsizing, is a process, not a moment to be able to complete. Mothers must be based on their actual situation, the right way, so as to get the best slimming effect. Is not the more sweat, the better the effect of slimming, but scientific downsizing, the effect is better. < reading recommended > what is the risk of caesarean section? I must check it out of postpartum confinement or, see how to say "the Chinese and Western medicine under the – – click to read the original" into the dove parenting community doctor!相关的主题文章: