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Post: KD at the old club do not appreciate the FIFA World candidate released Happy birthday! Today’s birthday: former NBA star, known as the "successor" Jordan Stackhouse (42 years old), the former German international defender meiceerde (36 years old)   KD at the old club ungrateful: before I care too much about their feelings for > > November 5th Beijing time, according to media reports, this summer. Kevin Durant joined the Jinzhou warriors decided to let him suffer the doubts, especially from oklahoma. When reviewing their effectiveness in the thunder team for so many years, Durant believes that his former teammates and fans too care about thunder thunder feeling, but the other party does not appreciate.   the warrior king Almighty into a time bomb at the future or masked play details > > November 4th Beijing time, according to the American media reported that shortly after the start of the new season, the Jinzhou braves players de Raymond – Green because the roar has to eat two technical fouls. Today, he talked about this issue in an interview, Green said the stadium should be able to show emotions, if you can not vent their emotions, it is necessary to wear masks to play.   World Footballer of the year 23 candidates announced: C Luomeixi led Real Madrid 5 details > > see from the list of candidates, the past year in the football world the best player all finalists, C Ronaldo and Messi became the biggest competitors awards, the Premier League champions Leicester city rely on the magic of last season, a total of three players, in which Kanter has been a move to Chelsea.   British media exposure Yibumingxia will leave Manchester or visit the U.S. major league details > > November 5th Beijing time, according to British media, "Daily Mirror" reported that Losangeles intends to introduce Ibrahimovic from the Milky Way Premiership giants Manchester United in the summer of next year. The "Daily Mirror" said Losangeles, the Milky Way believes that Yibumingxia and Manchester United after the expiration of the contract, will take into account the landing the United States to continue his occupation career.   Luneng AFC announced general for 8 months to detect illicit drugs for > > Beijing time on November 5th, the AFC’s official website announced that the Shandong Luneng midfielder Jin Jingdao because the detection of illicit drugs, was suspended for 8 months!   Hiddink has refused to offer violence Chinese bird: Hengda to help me return to the national team for > > "the market" according to the Italy media reports, Holland coach Hiddink rejected the offer from China, he is considering whether inter Milan coach. According to the Chilean media "elperiscopio" reports, the Shandong Luneng Montillo foreign aid may not return to the University of Chile, but it is possible to join the Argentina Yunus club, the club wants to bring in a little Monti. Funisulanus is the birthplace of Monti.   the upper reaches of Hong Kong will bless the micro-blog Wu Lei: Thank you for teaching the details of the > > Beijing time on November 4th, Shanghai, Hong Kong Football Club officially announced with the ball.相关的主题文章: