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Health For the person that suffers from snoring, going to bed often has nothing to do with going to sleep. It is important to recognize that an individual that snores is often as easily disturbed by the snoring as the partner that shares their bed. This important reality has resulted in the consumer market being flooded with stop snoring devices that promise to put an end to the snoring dilemma that so many people suffer with on a nightly basis. In recent years, medical technology has worked very hard to determine solutions that might end the constant battle between snoring and sleep deprivation and bring a peaceful nights sleep to everyone involved. While there are many stop snoring devices available on the market today and each of them guarantees to provide the desired result it is important to review the promises, objectives and guidelines to establish which one is best for your personal needs. The Pillow That Promises To Stop Snoring The Sandler pillow is a popular device created to stop snoring. Named after its creator, the Sandler pillow promises to put an end to snoring. The design of the pillow forces the snoring individual to sleep on their side. It is widely upheld that those who sleep on their side do so with their mouth closed and therefore do not snore as readily as someone that is sleeping on their back. While some mild snoring may occur while sleeping on the side as the vibration in the soft palate is still in existence, the loud disruptive snoring that takes place during back sleep does not occur. A Stop Snoring Device That Provides An Audible Reminder To Roll Over In recent years, there has been the creation of electronic stop snoring devices that provide behavior modification by use of an electric beeping sound. In a methodology similar to the concept of the famous Pavlov’s dog, the machine is attached to the snoring partner and begins to emit a beeping sound when the snorer rolls from side to back. Since it is a .mon held belief that the snoring gets louder when the snorer is on their back, this machine prevents that position change by way of an electronic beeping sound. While it seems the beeping sound would be just as disruptive as the snoring, the basic idea is that the sleep position monitors are to be used for short-term behavior modification, not as a lifelong device to prevent nightly snoring. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: